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What Makes Node.js Better Than Other Languages?

Node.js sits in a category of its own in the development niche. It is neither a programming language nor an individual framework. It can best be defined as a mixture of both. In the eyes of some developers, Node.js may be a jack of all trades and a master of none, but there is more to this environment than is perceived.

Node.js is definitely among the best when it comes to programming languages as well as frameworks. Node.js is best defined as a JavaScript runtime that works on the famous and ultra-powerful V8 engine by JavaScript.

In simpler terms, Node.js can be defined as a programming language that works well as a development runtime. Node.js is recognized for its ability to work both as a frontend and backend development environment. The runtime can be amalgamed with React and Angular to work as a JavaScript frontend framework. The design forĀ Node.js developmentĀ is similar to Event Machine by Ruby and Twisted by Python.

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In this article, we take a look at what makes Node.js development companies stand out over others in the industry. The programming language is picking pace with time and is used for a number of roles in the development world.

Benefits of Node.js

Before we start comparing Node.js with other technologies and programming languages, let us first consider the benefits that it offers in the industry. The Node.js runtime environment can benefit you in the following ways:

  • The runtime environment is highly scalable in nature and can grow with your business.
  • js is fast in nature and is light for legacy systems.
  • js can work with multiple hosting providers for a good web app.
  • js comes with effective caching abilities.
  • js is highly extensible in nature.
  • The coding process and developing expertise in Node.js is easy to understand.

How does it Work?

As we have studied above, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that operates through the powerful V8 engine by Google. Node.js basically allows developers to run JavaScript outside of their browser. The Node.js runtime environment is single-threaded in nature, which means that it is backed by event-driven architecture. Node.Js development for online business is best choice. The programming language is also backed by a simple I/O model. Some of the notable global businesses using Node.js include:

  • NASA
  • LinkedIn
  • eBay
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Yahoo
  • Walmart
  • Mozilla
  • Yandex
  • Citibank
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What Makes Node.js so Popular?

Almost everyone in the development community is aware of the popularity that Node.js has generated in the recent past. The programming language has become a famous name in the industry and has gathered quite a few stellar reviews to its name. There are lot features for developers in NodeJS

The reasons that make Node.js so popular include:

The V8 Engine

Node.js is backed by the V8 engine, which includes a set of powerful libraries built atop a powerful virtual machine. The Node.js solution works on the JavaScript V8 engine to provide authentic solutions that work through a core library written on JavaScript.

The founder of Node.js, Ryan Dahl, wanted to create real-time websites through the popular push functionality. The functionality will help tend to the needs of developers and drive an I/O paradigm forward.

One Single Coding Language

Node.js does not experiment with multiple coding languages but uses the JavaScript coding language across the board. All developers that have previously worked with JavaScript will be able to easily make the transition towards Node.js as it is based entirely on JavaScript.

JavaScript is also progressing on the back of the popularity that Node.js has achieved over the years. Programmers that are already working on JavaScript can continue working on the platform for full-stack development on both frontend and backend servers.

Cross Platform Usability

The one point that helps differentiate Node.js from others is that it can be used across almost all operating systems and platforms known to technology. The programming language can create applications that work on Linus, Unix, Windows, Mac OS and others of the nature. The platform can also be integrated into mobile phones and other systems working on smartphones.

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Quicker Development

Node.js comes with quick operations that can help speed up the pace of development across the board. Most developers are usually working on a timeline, which is why Node.js can come handy for them to meet their timelines. Additionally, the Node.js servers can work on multiple requests at a single time, which is good for fast runtime.


Finally, Node.js is differentiated from other languages due to its scalability. The Node.js programming environment is highly scalable and can grow to match the growing size of your organization. Node.js gives users the unique opportunity to meet the goals of their organization. The scalability can help regain user confidence and can build trust in the servers. The community is also bigger than before and is a testament to its growing popularity.

Node.js vs Python

Node.js has stiff competition coming from Python as an interpreted programming language. Python can be considered the perfect fit for CPU-intensive applications, while the same cannot be said about Node.js.

Node.js, on the contrary, is a better fit for real-time applications and single page applications. Node.js comes with significant prowess in shuffling data and running heavy I/O data. This makes sure that the programming environment is chosen over Python for heavy operations.

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In conclusion, it is safe to point out that Node.js is a runtime environment that is proving to be an effective one-stop solution for developers. Developers can work on the benefits we have mentioned in this article to choose Node.js developers over other options.

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