Hire Developers by Tech Skill

Teams We Provide

  • Dedicated Team
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project Based

Dedicated Team

Consider hiring a dedicated development team for your software project. With a dedicated team, you'll have access to skilled professionals who work exclusively on your project, providing flexibility and expertise. They navigate the complex landscape of modern software development and ensure your project is completed on time and within budget to the highest quality standards.

Why Choose This Model?

  • Thorough knowledge of the project
  • Only work on your project
  • Onsite or remote access
  • Increased productivity
  • Training and onboarding minimized
  • Fresh ideas for solutions

Staff Augmentation

Accelerate your project's progress with an augmented development team. By adding staff in this way, you quickly scale your team up or down as needed, reduce the time and costs associated with hiring and training new employees, and access additional skilled professionals with specific expertise aligned with your project's requirements. You increase your flexibility to seamlessly integrate them into your existing team and work together to achieve your project's objectives on time and within budget.

Why Choose This Model?

  • Hassel-free hiring
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Access to global tech talent
  • On-demand scaling
  • Project-specific role assignments
  • Fresh ideas and objectivity
  • Affordable and dynamic
  • Adapts to changing business environment

Project Based

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Bucket Hours Model

Our Fixed Price Model offers a clear and concise pricing structure for projects with well-defined specifications, scope, deliverables, and acceptance criteria. This model is best suited for small to mid-sized projects requiring a fixed quote and a detailed action plan.

Why Choose This Model?

  • Fixed Quote
  • Clear and concise pricing structure
  • Client-driven project
  • Detailed action plan for the fully developed project
  • Well-defined specifications & scope
  • Well-defined criteria for deliverables
  • Pre-determined milestones

Our Hourly Rate Model is best suited for projects with unpredictable or evolving requirements. Complex projects are difficult to estimate the cost for time and fixed deadlines. Therefore, some clients hire developers hourly to optimize their project costs.

Why Choose This Model?

  • Flexibility to choose
  • Control over the project
  • Scalability of the project
  • Ongoing communication
  • Fixed hourly rate
  • Itemized services
  • On-demand project support
Rated 4.9 star
Rated 5.0 star
Rated 5.0 star
Rated 5.0 star
Rated 96.8% star
Rated 4.9 star
Rated 5.0 star
Rated 5.0 star
Rated 5.0 star
Rated 96.8% star

Happiness Guarantee offers an industry unique happiness guarantee. We are so confident in our team’s abilities that we start working and producing before our clients make their first payment.

  • Open & transparent billing processes
  • NO start up fees or deposits
  • Begin most projects within 7 days Developers Are
Rigorously Vetted Across 100+ Skill Sets

Build your remote software engineering team in any tech stack. Our talent pool of
senior software developers are tested and evaluated on technical skill and soft skills like communication.

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