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The Most Notable Features of Node JS for Web Developers

Web development is one of the most rapidly changing industries across the globe today. The industry is host to constant upgrades and innovation, as providers are looking to meet and quench the demand for game-changing policies and technologies around them.

When it comes to web development, most developers prefer JavaScript for all front-end developmental work, while they go for Node JS to help them with the backend development and programming.

Node JS has recently popped up as a force to reckon here as it works exceptionally well with JS functionality and can adapt to the needs of the backend syntax. Node.js development is also an integral force when it comes to determining user experiences and enhancing the Return on Investment for financers and investors sitting at the back..

Besides fixating on web development, Node JS also focuses on mobile application development. The framework comes with splendid features that can help make web and mobile development a lot easier.

In this article, we look at Node JS and study some exciting features that make the platform stand out. Go through the content below to know what Node JS is capable of and how it can help you.

Functions and Purpose of Node JS

Node JS is basically an open-source tool that can work across multiple platforms. The solution was first developed by Ryan Dahl and can help create an environment that enforces asynchronous programming and ensures optimal results.

Node JS works to improve and broaden the extent of functionality offered by JavaScript. The platform works hard to create a paradigm where both client-side and server-side applications of a program are managed accordingly.

Functions of Node JS

The functions covered by Node JS as part of daily operations include:

  • Collecting form data
  • Adding, deleting and altering the data present across databases
  • Designing, reading, writing, closing and deleting files present on a server
  • Generating dynamic content that is visible to all.

Global Companies Using Node JS

Node.js has become increasingly popular in the recent past and is trusted by a number of renowned brands across the globe. Some of the businesses that rely on Node.js development company for the continuity of their operations include:

  • NASA
  • LinkedIn
  • eBay
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Yahoo
  • Walmart
  • Mozilla
  • Yandex
  • Citibank

All of these organizations rank well in their respective industries and use Node JS to perform certain tasks and improve certain measures.

Notable Features of Node JS

Node JS comes with a number of notable features, and we study some of them in this section.

Cross Platform Usability

Node JS can easily be used across platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and others. You can also use it on mobile operating systems. The platform can be bundled together with other packages to make an entirely self-reliant system.

One Single Coding Language

Node JS utilizes one single coding language across the board to everyone. All developers that have significant expertise in JavaScript and are already well versed in it can significantly enhance their understanding of Node JS to concrete measures.

Node JS forwards the key components of JavaScript to make sure that developers get to create the front-end and the backend of an application using the same development principles. As a result of this, JavaScript is growing as one of the most popular languages for full-stack development. Programmers can continue their work in the same language and don’t have to make the shift to different languages.

V8 Engine

The V8 Engine was originally developed for chrome but is now visible across web app development projects. The V8 Engine is one of the most popular engines in the market today that can easily translate commands from JavaScript to match the requirements of the general machine coding language.

The V8 Engine takes the help of C++ to ensure optimal feasibility and to eventually build machine language-based products for servers.

Facilitate Quick Deployment

Node JS can help speed up the pace of development for all web apps and web platforms. Most organizations and the developers working for them today require quick operations so that they are able to meet deadlines and can provide the kind of quality that is expected from them in time.

Node JS developers also assists in the development of fast data processing models along with algorithms that are necessary for microservices. Additionally, Node JS also comes with the ability to manage multiple requests at the same time. This is crucial for managing microservices as they require constant communication and collaboration.


Node JS is highly scalable in nature and can be used as you grow in size and stature. Node JS has the ability to enable split applications so that organizations can present target audiences with different versions of the same application. This scalability gives a number of individuals and developers the confidence they need to put their trust on Node JS.

Active Community

Node JS comes with an active community with open-source solutions. The growing popularity of the platform goes to suggest that the community is developing with time and that Node JS is opening new doors. Node JS community members interact on GitHub, Stack Overflow and Reddit. You can get in touch on these platforms.

Node JS is growing over time and has now become an extremely popular language with extensive support for JavaScript. You can join best Node JS team to enjoy the features we mention above.