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The Best API Management Tools

API management is an integral web management process that relates to the overall management of different API functions such as API security, monitoring, publication and creation.

API resources are best utilized when there is proper documentation to address all concerns within the API and ensure that changes are implemented as expected.

An API management tool can increase the level of security, add high reliability, improve regular visioning and do a lot more. API management tools have gained unprecedented popularity in the last few years and are a necessity in most software development houses today.

An API management tool comes with prominent features that improve reporting and documentation. In this article, we take a look at some of the best API management tools in the industry. These tools can be used to document, store, secure, and operate APIs under one roof.


Apigee is one of the best API management tools in the market today and comes with solutions for Cloud Apps, Employee Apps, Systems of Record, Consumer Apps, IoT and Partner Apps. Apigee provides multiple solutions, including security, analytics, mediation, monitoring and run-time monetization under one roof.

The key features included within the Apigee solution are:

  • Apigee can deliver API management solutions through a proxy, hybrid or agent.
  • Developers can work on the data present within Apigee to build new apps based on the cloud.
  • Developers can build and deliver apps on time through the feasibility of Apigee.
  • The analysis provided by Apigee will help you manage API traffic and also ensure that you track and meet KPIs.
  • Apigee is good for monetization of apps and APIs.

Apigee comes with multiple pricing plans and packages. The Evaluation plan is available for free and comes with limited usage. The highest rated plan comes at a payment of $2500 per month.


3scale is an amazing API management platform developed the Red Hat Software team. The API makes it easier for development teams to manage both internal and external users.

The solution allows you to control, distribute, share, secure, and monetize all of your APIs for the future.

Some of the key features associated with 3scale include;

  • 3scale comes with an API program tool that comes with access control, rate limits, analytics, and a dashboard.
  • The platform provides numerous options for traffic control and management. The options include hosted cloud services, CDN options, plugins and source gateways.
  • Considered best for the development portal on offer.

3scale comes with multiple pricing plans and packages. The Pro plan is available for a payment of $750 per month, while the executive Enterprise plan has private payment details. The Pro plan does come with a free trial period.

IBM API Management

Coming from the mogul of software and tech development, IBM API management is a true solution for cloud-based API creation.

The IBM API Management solution comes with security and governance functions as part of the overall application. The platform provides feasibility for self-service, simple coding, real-time analytics and developer portals.

Some of the key features associated with the IBM API management plan include:

  • The platform provides model-driven tools for automated creation of APIs.
  • The model provides traffic management and data protection as part of the built-in features.
  • Analytics related to APIs are available to both consumers as well as providers.
  • Self-service development portals work to provide developers with a solution they can integrate for key results.
  • API testing and monitoring is possible on the tool without prior coding.
  • Developers can deploy multiple components, including AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and others.

There are almost six pricing plans associated with the IBM API management solution. These plans include a Lite Plan for free, an Enterprise plan for $100, and other plans for varying prices. The Hybrid Professional is the most expensive plan on the list and is available for $55k per month.


Akana is an end-to-end API management tool. The tool helps with providing solutions that are secure, and easy to design, implement, publish and monitor. The tool can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud.

Some features of Akana include:

  • Comes with a dedicated developer portal
  • Easy traffic management solution for developers
  • Lifecycle management
  • Open-source support for all parties.
  • Application security for detecting vulnerabilities within the code during runtime procedure.

Akana comes with two different variations. Users can enjoy a free trial of the product before they go for either one of Akana Business or Akana Enterprise. Akana Business comes at a rate of $40,000 per year, while you can contact the developers to find the price of Akana Enterprise.

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi might be the last to appear on our list, but it is a crowd favorite for most developers today. Dell Boomi connects data with applications through the cloud. The Dell Boomi tool can work on almost any environment. The connectors allow you to connect applications without any hassle.

Some of the key features of Dell Boomi include:

  • You can connect applications through Dell Boomi on both private and public clouds.
  • The Dell Boomi app can support multiple patterns for integration.
  • You can integrate applications rapidly with the help of Dell Boomi.

Dell Boomi comes with a free plan that offers basic features. The standard monthly plan is available for $549 per month, while the customized solutions are available through a Serious Integration plan. All plans come with a free trial of the solutions.

We have now gone through the best API Management Tools in the industry today. You can get free and paid plans for all options discussed in this article.