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Reasons to Choose the Azure Cloud as Your Preferred Hosting Platform

Enterprises across the globe are realizing the potential that the cloud has to offer and are moving towards it for enhanced business solutions. The cloud is leading the change forward and is redefining the way how organizations see the cloud solutions around them.

When it comes to the cloud, organizations prefer Azure over other solutions. Globally, 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies today are using Microsoft Azure to run their organization. And, if the best can trust their business with Microsoft Azure, why cannot you?

Azure helps support a wide range of frameworks, programming languages, databases, operating systems, AI devices and a lot more. In this article, we look at some of the reasons why you should use Azure cloud as the preferred hosting platform. You can use the solution for results on the preferred cloud platform.

Capabilities to Engage Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service solutions

Azure is the chosen platform for many organizations when it comes to IaaS and PaaS services. IaaS services enable all enterprises to outsource their services to Azure and PaaS can give them the privilege to create web apps and solutions without having to work on the background systems at the backend.

Once you get a monthly package for Azure, the top Azure consultants from the partner community at Microsoft will work with your organization to make sure that IaaS and PaaS solutions are leveraged for the best solutions. This step can enhance growth in the cloud for enterprises.

Security Solutions

Azure is designed through the security development lifecycle, which is an industry-leading standard to ensure security processes and provide solutions on the go. Azure is designed on the protocols of SDL and comprises security services right at the core.

Microsoft Azure can keep your data and related services safe, and is trusted by the United States for its institutions. The data security provided by Azure makes it the best ranked cloud service platform for international standards. The cloud solutions provided by Azure are also protected through the new international standards for cloud privacy. Microsoft provides all users with the best when it comes to safety and security.


For a cloud solution to be rated among the best, it needs to provide scalability options that can grow with time. The solutions provided by Azure are scalable in nature and can be grown with time. The solutions can be grown in scale over time without requiring any new coding processes. Azure Storage is a good database that can store all data as you scale and grow your businesses. The storage facility can also be used for processing the application you build.

Unparalleled Hybrid Capabilities

The hybrid solutions offered by Microsoft Azure are among the best in the industry. The hybrid capabilities offered by Microsoft Azure make it truly unique and capable. Azure can help provide a reliable and consistent platform that users can use both public cloud and on-premise solutions.

Azure has a broad range of hybrid solutions encompassing virtual private networks known as VPNs, caches, content delivery solutions and ExpressRoute connections to enhance performance and make the solution hybrid in nature.

Integrated Environment

The environment for Microsoft Azure can easily be integrated with other Microsoft solutions. Microsoft is a proven name in the world of technology and provides an environment that facilitates integration across the board.

The Microsoft Azure solutions can seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products and create a flawless environment. Using Microsoft Azure can simplify operations and provide interconnections between different Microsoft solutions.

You can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook and other solutions. Once you integrate the solutions together, you can get an on-premise solution that is comprehensive in nature.


Microsoft Azure is extremely coherent in nature and can facilitate the use of NoSQL and SQL, among other solutions. The built-in solutions provide support for users to dig deeper within the data they have and uncover strategic insights related to your organization and business processes.

We live in an age of data today, and running your business data through analytics is extremely necessary for getting the solutions you prefer. The analytics you perform on your data can help you make business decisions that stand true in the face of adversity.

To start with, you need to come up with a comprehensible solution that you can follow to gather data from different sources. The insights you generate from Azure will only be as good as the data you have. Your data should be comprehensive in nature and should provide detailed insights for decisions. Azure offers Cognitive APIs along with Machine Learning integration, which can help give users the solutions they desire.

Easy Learning Curve

The learning curve for Azure cloud services isn’t that complicated. Users can learn the rules of the cloud solution through simple steps without requiring extensive training or learning for that matter.

Tools such as Visual Studio, ASP.NET and others of the nature are easy to learn. Additionally, all basic programming languages like C++ and Visual Basics can be learnt through simple steps. Users can easily develop solutions that help you create cloud apps that can be integrated with your enterprise applications.

The Microsoft Azure platform is also cost efficient and will help save you costs in the long run. You can move to the cloud now and see the solutions on offer at Microsoft Azure.