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Why VISUAL C++ For My Project?

Visual C++, used for Windows, Android, and iOS apps offers speedy development for experienced coders and teams. Programmers.io coders can deliver a wide array of apps using C/C++/VC++ and EVC languages by tapping into common libraries. Visual C++ in the studio form offers Intellisense, a cross platform tool for code completion and error highlighting. Visual C offers a number of templates and its installer taps third-party tools and SDKs for Android and iOS app development. From software to firmware C, including embedded C, C++, VC++, our coders produce robust apps to meet your technology needs.

Microsoft Visual C++, an IDE or an Integrated Development Environment, is available as freeware, trial-ware or commercially. It has codes written specifically for DirectX API, .NET framework as well as for Microsoft Windows API. Microsoft Visual C++ also known as VC++ features tools for developing and debugging tools for C++ codes.

Visual C++ is an excellent tool that provides a flexible yet powerful environment for creating apps based on Microsoft Windows and MS .NET. Programmers.io use the conventional GUI, and also uses Web applications using the Visual C++. Our experts design smart-client Windows based applications as well as solutions for smart-client handheld or mobile devices as well as for thin-clients also.

Our designers and developers also use the popular DragonFire SDK and Microsoft Visual C++ development services to write and test iPhone apps. They also use on screen iPhone simulator to test and enhance those applications.

Benefits of VC++ .NET
1. VC++ has the ability to mix managed code (code that executes with the CLR) with unmanaged code (code that does not execute with CLR) in C++.

2. VC++ is a native development language that interacts directly with the hardware without any intervening layers, which makes its speed of execution fast.

3. VC++ applications consume minimal resources, and hence the size of the application is smaller than those created using other .NET compliant languages. Memory usage is also very low.

4. VC++ is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute)-compliant language, which means you can port VC++ applications onto other platforms.

5. Using the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library makes it easy to create multi-platform applications. MFC is an application framework that wraps C/C++ applications to work on any operating system.

6. For programming Component Based Model (COM) objects, VC++ provides an Active Template Library. This enables developers to develop a variety of COM objects and ActiveX controls.

7. The VC++ compiler supports Lambda expressions. Lambda functions have a function body, but no name. This combines the best features of function pointers and function objects.

8. The new Common Language Runtime (CLR) option /clr:nostdlib allows developers to exclude the default .NET libraries, so that a developer can use a specified version of a specific assembly.

9. VC++ features a new Profile-Guided Optimization option, PogoSafeMode. This option allows the use of ‘safe’ mode or ‘fast’ mode when a developer optimises the application. Safe mode is thread-safe and is slower than fast mode.

10. Concurrency Runtime Framework is a software framework for programming concurrent applications in VC++. It supports applications and components that run at the same time.

Although .NET programming languages are easier to learn and program, no language interacts with hardware as profoundly as VC++ does. VC++ inherits the features from C++, one of the greatest languages ever developed. The ease of programming offered by the Integrated Development Environment is a bonus for a VC++ developer.

In short, if you want high speed, low application size and great performance the VC++ is the best option.


At Programmers.io, We help you execute projects by providing trusted Visual C++ developers who can join your team and immediately start delivering high-quality services.



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