Update: Work from home was, is and will always be an option at Programmers.io

COVID-19 has changed working norms at many organizations. In the past, employees had to report to their office every day but today they work from home. The transitioning of an entire work system from the office space to home is not easy. But the COVID-19 Pandemic made the transition inescapable.

At Programmers.io, working from home was always an option. Even before the COVID situation, our employees had the liberty to work from the comfort of their homes. This is possible because we make use of all the latest software and tools to assure that working from home for our employees is easy and seamless.

Working remotely has its own pros and cons. The biggest risks companies face when employees work from home are miscommunication, improper project tracking, and data security issues. Programmers.io reduces these risks by using trustworthy software tools:


To make sure that our employees always feel connected, we use Microsoft Teams and Skype. These platforms can be used to chat, interact, communicate new ideas, conduct group meetings, and discuss projects.

Organizing Projects

To ensure that our projects stay on track, we use Basecamp. In our experience, this platform is the best option and provides a comprehensive toolkit to organizations working remotely. Basecamp allows for easy project status tracking and management of both employees and projects all in one place.

Client Communication

Our sales and development teams are always equipped with tools such as Slack, Go To Meeting, and Zoom to conduct meetings and interact with clients as required. Because we use these platforms heavily internally, we do not experience communication gaps due to working remotely.

Online Security

Data security is our first priority and, therefore, we are always vigilant when we verify the authenticity and safety of all types of data. Whether the data comes from clients or it is only circulated internally, every system we use to manage it is well equipped with paid antivirus software. There are regular employee training sessions with our IT support team to bring awareness of data security best practices and new techniques. To share data within the organization or with clients, we use Share point. This platform prevents data leakage from our internal system.

IT Support

We have a 24 hour helpdesk staffed by IT members who are always available to assist the employees as they encounter system related issues. Our IT managed support provides high quality solutions at the time the team member needs them.

Programmers.io keeps the work running smoothly even when our team members are working remotely because we have been letting our employees work remotely for years.