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The New Features Users Can Expect in WordPress 5.7

The most recent version of WordPress, known as WordPress 5.7 Esperanza, was released in the month of March 2021. WordPress 5.7 brings with it a number of new improvements to the WordPress suite and enhances functionality for end users.

WordPress 5.7s major core release includes 68 prominent features and enhancements and 127 bug fixes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the new features that users can expect within WordPress 5.7. Go through this list and realize how you can benefit from jumping to the new version.

It is recommended that you backup your website properly before you run any major updates to upgrade to WordPress 5.7 on your WordPress core. We recommend maintaining a complete backup that includes all WordPress files, databases, themes, plug-ins, and media libraries. Only proceed with the process once you are sure you have everything backed up properly.

The WordPress 5.7 release is part of phase 2 of the Gutenberg project and includes the following upgrades-

Easier Ways to Manage Password Resets

If you are a WordPress administrator running a WordPress website with multiple users, you might have experienced the process of resetting passwords when one user forgets their password. The process currently has a lot of room for improvement.

WordPress 5.7 comes with a new enhanced feature that makes it easier for administrators to send and manage reset password links for others. The new send password and reset quick link is available within the all users page in your dashboard and provides a shortcut to all administrators.

Easy Upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS

Migrating to HTTPS from HTTP was a major pain point in WordPress. The CMS now simplifies the migration process, as it has made it a one-click move. All database URLs will automatically be updated by WordPress the moment you make this switch.

You can access this new WordPress HTTPS detection and migration feature through the Tools > Site Health page. WordPress can now also automatically detect if HTTPS is available to you as default. If this is the case, you can easily run the update by clicking a simple button.

Custom Icon and Background Colors + Sizes for Social Icons Block

The new WordPress upgrade also makes it handy for users to customize the colors present within all their social icons. The customization can be run through the social icons block. You can access the block settings menu to view the new option for Icon Background color and Icon Color.

You also have the choice to customize your social icons and set their size based on your preferences. The sizes can be set using the categorizations of small, normal, large and huge. These customizations allow you to set social media blocks according to your color theme and branding strategy.

Font Size Customization for List Blocks

You can set your list preferences through the font size customization for list blocks. Some users require a mega list, while others require a tiny one. In any case, you can customize the font size of your list directly through the block settings. The size can be whatever you prefer, based on the overall content visibility of your website.

You can also set widths in percentages for your button block. This new option can be accessed through the block setting panel within your width settings. This feature doesn’t necessarily help with lists but comes in handy when you are setting double click buttons for your CTAs.


Full Height Cover Block Alignment

WordPress 5.7 comes with new control settings for full height alignments. All full height images are better customized through this feature. The cover block is the ideal place to use this new feature to good effect. The full-width image alignment and the full-height alignment can be used to fill the entire window. The end result looks aesthetic and brings customer traffic over to your website.


Customization Updates

Besides the major updates mentioned above, there are a number of small adjustments in block sizes and fonts that help users customize the look and feel of their website. These minor customization updates include:

  • Block font size support. The new update includes font size support for your code block. This is helpful for users who utilize the code block to share snippets on their blogs.
  • Vertical layout buttons. There are certain WordPress themes that utilize both vertical and horizontal layouts. You can utilize the new block variations API to adjust your button blocks according to the requirement of both themes.
  • Reusable block enhancements. These reusable blocks allow you to save any WordPress block that you frequently use. You can then reuse saved blocks within other posts and pages across your WordPress site.
  • Another improvement in the customizable user interface is that the spacer block now comes with a semi-transparent background. The semi-transparent background is better than the opaque grey look. This makes it easier for users to discern spacer blocks from layers behind them.
  • You can switch to text labels in the black toolbar.

These and many other upgrades in WordPress 5.7 a makes it exciting for all wordpress developers. You can upgrade to the new version through your dashboard. However, make sure that everything is backed up.