How is Salesforce Cloud Changing the Face of Sales in the Contemporary World

Salesforce Cloud is one of the most popular enterprise product solutions offered by Salesforce is a popular sales solution online and is widely used by a number of online and physical retail outlets to track performance and output.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that delivers resource management solutions for sales, marketing, and service. Not only this, but Salesforce goes above and beyond to ensure optimal exposure and selling compliance with upcoming technologies and applications.

Salesforce offers a number of solutions that can come in handy for almost any organization in the sales market today. These solutions make it easier for organizations to come together and run their businesses and services in the best manner possible. A few of the solutions offered by Salesforce include the Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud, and the Salesforce Sales Cloud, which we will be reviewing and studying today.

In this article, we look at some of the different services offered on Salesforce’s Cloud and how it has become the next big thing in the sales sphere. Run through the details and decide on the services that offer the perfect fit for you.


Salesforce Sale Cloud

Salesforce’s sales cloud is an excellent solution that helps manage the entire operations of the sales department. The cloud platform helps sales managers manage their sales team and oversee the full stack of sales details, including information logging, campaign creation, customer contacts, order creation, technology progression, and email marketing.

The following services are included within the Salesforce sales cloud:

Lightning For Gmail

Lightning for Gmail is a service that helps integrate the native Salesforce cloud with Gmail. The integration allows you to:

  • See all contextual and directional records related to every email you send and receive
  • It brings new applications to the side panel of Gmail
  • Allows you to enjoy the all-new Salesforce Lightning experience in your Gmail

Lightning Dialer

This is another feature you get to experience within the Salesforce sales cloud. The feature helps you record and receive voice mails with a single click.

Automated Einstein Contacts

Automated Einstein Contacts help you to accurately clean and maintain data with you. The solution also helps analyze events on the calendar and monitor email records. Einstein also allows you to add new records to the CRM.

Lightning Hierarchy

The lightning contact hierarchy allows you to view and clean data through a simple display mechanism. This tool features a number of simple hacks for efficiency.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce service cloud is second on the suite of services offered in the Salesforce cloud. The service cloud enables you to service customers through simple steps. The cloud offers interactive and real-time services such as assistance to customers, knowledge base management, call center interactions and live conversations with customers.

The following features are commonly found within the Salesforce service cloud:

  • Lightning Service Console: The lightning service console allows you to optimize the service feed and manage shortcuts through split viewership options.
  • Lightning Service Setup: The lightning service setup helps set up the knowledge base with promotional and helpful videos.
  • Lightning Preventive Maintenance: The lightning preventive maintenance service uses the features of AI to prevent breakdowns and downtimes through timely maintenance.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing cloud continues the good work started by some of the other cloud services to help marketers deliver the right message across to users. The marketing cloud works together with the vision set forth by Einstein to give intelligent reports that can be worked upon for adequate responses and deliverables.

The Marketing cloud also comes with the actionable Center Sales Leaderboard that allows you to understand your target audience and target them in the best manner possible. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you identify the campaigns that succeeded and others that didn’t. This is done through actionable research and results.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers extensive services that help organizations provide a unique and collaborative customer experience to all buyers. The cloud is made better through the following services:

  • Einstein Predictive Sort: The Einstein Predictive Sort allows organizations to use client data for custom products.
  • Order Management: The commerce cloud assists organizations with managing orders as well as returns and other commerce-related details.
  • Dashboard: The commerce cloud operates with an actionable dashboard that stores all data.

Salesforce Community Cloud

The Salesforce community cloud builds a collaborative environment between all key stakeholders and brings them together for the benefit of the organization. The community cloud allows different stakeholders from within the community to come together and collaborate with each other. The cloud solution uses content from the current CRM systems and empowers all agents to see through the contacts and measure important metrics for growth and success.

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The Salesforce cloud solution has made selling more integrated and easier for internal teams. The salesforce team provides solution with different heads and services for efficient and flawless operations. It’s certainly a gamechanger and a technology that’s impacted countless industries worldwide.

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