All You Need to Know About Salesforce Apex Language

Salesforce is the number 1 Customer Relationship Management portal in the world, which gives customers the added feasibility of creating and marketing their own application without investing in the complete infrastructure.

Salesforce has made the world of sales and customer management more effortless than ever before. Before the CRM platform popped up, organizations would invest in their own infrastructure to host their CRM solutions. This process did cost a lot and would at times take years to complete.

Salesforce then started its convenient software as a service (SaaS) procedure, which allowed organizations the ability to manage the customer journey from A to Z without any added expense.


In this article, we take a look at some of the features related to Apex and study all that you need to know about the language. Apex has revolutionized the way salesforce developers work on sales applications and plays a revolutionary role in the Salesforce transformation.

What is Apex?

Apex Programming Language present on the Salesforce platform. The language allows programmers to execute and perform transactions to control statements on servers associated with Salesforce. The language uses syntax that is extremely similar to that of Java. 

Apex allows businesses the opportunity to include button clicks, add business logic, and record updates. It’s like giving your Salesforce instance a custom superpower, letting you build bespoke features and logic tailored to your unique business needs.

Features of Apex

Mentioned below are some of the key features of Apex for developers and programmers working on Salesforce:

Easy to Use

To start with, Apex is extremely to use with developers who have experience in the industry. The programming language comes with a syntax similar to Java and is relatively easy to understand and code. Once you use Apex, you will come to understand that the array annotation, loop syntax and conditional statement syntax are all similar to Java.


Apex comes with integrated support for all DML operations such as Update, Insert and Delete. It also comes with support for DML exceptions. The programming language can perform looping, in which multiple records and processes can be managed at one given time. All SOQL and SOSL queries are also handled on the platform.

Strongly Typed

Apex is a strongly typed language, which ensures that all user needs and data types are well handled. There are no confusions during the compilation process, which is thorough and detailed.

Easy to Test

Apex comes with easy operations to perform unit testing. The test results are included for users to see so that they can tell how much of the code is covered. The process ensures that the entire code is executed before the upgrades are performed.

How Does Apex Work?

Apex is entirely operated through on-demand lighting platforms. The data code for the application is saved on the cloud so that it is easy to maintain and store.

Apex is primarily meant for developers and can be used to write code and save it. Developers can write code using the platform and then save it on the application server. The server then uses the code to compile it within a set of instructions, which the runtime interpreter can interpret and act upon.

End users can trigger the Apex code into action through different clicks. The application then responds to those actions by retrieving all compiled instructions to eventually save them as metadata.


When to Use Apex?

Apex gives developers the interactive option to create amazing CRM applications that provide access to client-server interfaces and Salesforce databases. The third-party SaaS application allows for enhanced customization and comes with pre-built features.

Apex provides a number of interactive features to create an application for the long run. Apex can come in handy in the following ways:

  • Developers can easily create integrated websites using Apex. Applications developed through Apex are easy to develop and use.
  • Developers can create applications that aren’t supported by workflows and require complex business logic.
  • Developers can integrate email accounts into the web application.
  • Applications created through Apex use transactional logic, where the entire transaction is recorded rather than a single entry.
  • Records on Apex are updated through logic

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apex Programming Language

Apex comes with multiple advantages and disadvantages, which we look at in the section below:


The advantages of Apex as a programming language include:

  • You do not have to buy an entire infrastructure and hire IT personnel. Apex works on its own.
  • The process is cost-effective, and the application is relatively simple to maintain. The licensing cost of software is higher than that of a Salesforce monthly account.
  • The application is secure, authorized, fully authenticated and accessible. Customers would like the convenience of using this application.
  • Developing an application on the Salesforce platform for programmers is easy to manage. Developers can use existing applications to make changes.
  • Developers working on Apex can use the backend database provided by Salesforce to access other third-party SaaS subscriptions. These subscriptions give an idea of how SaaS works and where Apex comes to the party.


There are a few limitations associated with Apex as well, which are mentioned below:

  • Developers won’t be able to create threads on Apex like they are able to do on other programming languages.
  • Developers cannot change the standard functionality of the program if it is required.
  • Developers cannot create files of a temporary nature on Apex
  • Developers have to ensure that their applications and end programs should handle and manage multiple records.
  • The user interface does not show elements

The rapid pace of progress in Salesforce adoption has led to the popularity of Apex as a programming language. With this guide, we hope you can better understand the interactivity of the language.

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