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Reasons Why React.JS is Extremely Popular with Developers

The world of software development has progressed with time to reach the heights that it stands at today. It is no secret that React.JS has had a huge role to play in the software development of so many projects. We have seen time and time again that React.JS has extensively helped in the success of development platforms and software solutions.

While React.JS is the talk of the town today, it is until fairly recently that React.JS positioned itself as one of the best frameworks and libraries on JavaScript.

While the demand for both React.JS developers and React.JS development solutions has peaked recently, many businesses are still coming to terms with React.JS as a framework that they can implement within projects.

React.JS can be used for a number of things, which is what makes it the perfect resource for business leaders and startups. Interestingly, React.JS has also won developer support, as developers have rated it to be the most convenient and easiest to work on.

In this article, we look to jump deep into the popularity of React.JS JS in the market and the reason behind this popularity. Once we delve deep into this popularity, we also shed some light on how these reasons can determine the future growth of React.JS developers:

Simple to Read and Use

As we have discussed above as well, React.JS JS is extremely simple to read and also easy to use for experts working on it. This trait is what makes React.JS one of the most popular libraries and frameworks today. The K.I.S.S mentality is extensively followed by software development libraries, and React.JS happens to be the perfect proof of it.

The simplicity of reading and using made React.JS extremely easy to implement and understand. Businesses can hit the ground running with React.JS and can build the solutions they require in no time. The talent pool for React.JS developers has grown extensively over time and is now bigger and better than the talent pool for any other platform today.

React.JS has an Intuitive User Interface

React.JS comes with an intuitive user interface, which can come in handy in the long run. The framework makes it feasible for developers to work on applications and declaratively describe user interfaces. What the simple user interface does is to take the heavy lifting out of the coding process while eventually making the code seemingly easier for everyone to not only read but understand.

React.JS is known to make interactive UIs that can change the components of the DOM almost virtually. As elaborated in this article, React.JS creates a more intuitive UI, which can lead to simple results for complex tasks.

Users working on React.JS can also rely on the library that it has to offer. The React.JS library is based on interactive solutions that stand out and make for a better user experience. Users working on the React.JS library can work to create simple solutions and debug issues within the underlying library used across the board. The declarative issues with React.JS can, however, make debugging a much simpler process to carry out.

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Increased Productivity

React.JS does an incredible job of increasing the productivity of all users working on it. As we have already studied and discussed in this article, React.JS can significantly increase productivity for all members of the team, as the simple code makes for perfect UI and design. One of the many reasons why developers over the globe prefer React.JS is that it comes with reusable components that can make development easier.

React.JS can reuse codes across the application to give users a free get out of jail card during tough times. All developers would agree that adding and creating new codes all the time can be a repetitive and tedious task for all involved. By ensuring the addition of reusable components, React.JS allows all users to maintain a consistent style and ensure readability across the board.

Virtual DOM

React.JS is known to be extremely fast. As developers would know, a superior page experience is one of the many hallmarks of a good website application. A virtual DOM contributes to the superiority of the page and leads to results that last for a long duration. React.JS allows developers to work on the application and only implement necessary changes.

The document object model on React.JS allows developers to implement key changes to speed up loading times and ensure monotony across the board.


This is perhaps one of the most exciting benefits going in favor of React.JS. The React.JS library is a dream come true for developers that want their applications and websites to be scalable. Libraries on React.JS can easily scale to hundreds and thousands of exciting components without even breaking a sweat. React.JS helps ensure monotony in operations and does not create any unnecessary barriers that may hinder operations for users working on the platform.

React.JS also makes no assumptions about the rest of the technology used within your stack. The framework is known to be extremely versatile in nature and can be integrated with all frameworks and libraries present within your tech stack. React.JS also works to cover the V within the Model-View-Controller, which is an extensively used architecture for backend frameworks and developments.

React.JS Native also works seamlessly with the React.JS framework to assist in the creation and maintenance of cross-platform applications. These applications help develop and ensure touchpoints that can be grown as the website scales further.

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Easy Maintenance

Having talked about the simplicity of use, React.JS is also extremely easy to maintain over time. The platform is host to amazing components that are reusable and can give quality outcomes. You may wonder about these reusable components. Well, they are basically coded elements that can be used across different projects and multiple apps at the same time. Small reusable components include stylized dropdown menus and custom buttons, which can be reused later without any additional hard work.

The features of reusable components become extremely necessary as the project moves on and as the developers on the project enter a new phase. This feature becomes extremely crucial as the project moves forward. Developers want to repeat certain features across the length of the project and are aided by the fact that they can reuse certain components.

Robust and Dynamic

React.JS is, on itself, an extremely robust and dynamic solution. The platform is host to multiple innovations and allows users to create interactive and dynamic applications without compromising on the robustness of the infrastructure or any other factor in any way whatsoever.

The dynamic outcomes generated through React.JS are on display when it comes to the web, iOS, Android, and even all IoT platforms. The framework and the associated library provide key outcomes that users can apply for key results. The platform helps you to build dynamic and interactive applications that do not compromise on infrastructure or the dynamic outcome of the app in any way.

The Platform is SEO-Friendly

Perhaps one of the best benefits and features of React.JS is that it can leverage the benefits of Search Engine Optimization or SEO and relay it to customers in the way they expect. All websites and web apps today are required to be good at SEO or search engine optimization so that they are able to rank well on Google.

By using React.JS as their programming language and library of choice, businesses can work on outcomes and delays to significantly reduce page load times and rank higher on search engines around them. All search engines, including Yahoo, Bing and Google, rank web pages made on React.JS higher than others.

This is done on the back of the similarity in code for the server-side and client-side of the application. What this means is that almost all websites working on React.JS have a speed advantage. They are able to bring in positive outcomes and come with long-lasting solutions.

Easy Testing

Perhaps the one important factor that makes React.JS so popular is that the platform can be easy to test. All React.JS-based applications and solutions are extremely easy to test. Well, applications on React.JS treat their views as functions coming from a specific state. This allows React.JS engineers to work with developers and testing professionals to find out and notify of any movement across React.JS View.

Developers can monitor the output from the code and the functions to ascertain whether the application is working as it should.

Mobile Development Revolution

React.JS Native is accredited with leading the revolution in the mobile development industry as well. React.JS Native changed mobile development ways and came out with interesting solutions.

It is easy to see why React.JS is still making the headlines in 2021. The platform was recently voted as the second largest framework, only listed after jQuery. The popularity of React.JS will ensure that the framework stays around for the years to come.

React.JS Native is extremely popular with users today and rightfully so because of the solutions it offers. We hope you have studied these reasons in detail and appreciate the benefits of React.JS as well.