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Migrate Complexity and Minimize Errors in IBMi Applications with iA Impact Analysis

The intricate nature of IBMi applications can be complex, as they are interwoven with software and applications that frequently rely on one another to function properly. Performing a manual analysis of changes’ impact in such systems can be risky, resulting in costly downtime, errors, and disruptions.

Fortunately, the iA Impact Analysis product for IBMi applications offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of complex systems and the potential risks of errors during analysis. In this article, we will explore how iA Impact Analysis can help businesses navigate the complexities of their IBMi applications and minimize the risk of errors during the analysis process.

Complex Systems and Interwoven Applications

It is not uncommon for complex IBMi applications to consist of numerous interconnected components. A change to one element can have a ripple effect on others. Understanding the intricate relationships between a system’s objects, files, and procedures is crucial to avoid unintended consequences.

iA Impact Analysis provides robust features that enable users to navigate these complexities and gain comprehensive insights into their applications.

● Overview of Interconnected Components

The iA Impact Analysis ‘Where Object Is Used’ feature allows users to identify all impacted objects where a specified object is used or referenced. This aids in a comprehensive understanding of the dependencies and relationships within the application, providing a clearer picture of potential impacts when changes are made.

● Analysis of Dependent Logical Files

For physical files, iA Impact Analysis enables users to analyze all dependent logical files, providing a comprehensive view of how changes to a specific file may affect the application. This allows businesses to make informed decisions and avoid errors resulting from incomplete analysis.

Manual Analysis and Inherent Concerns

Manual analysis of complex systems is a time-consuming and error-prone process. With a comprehensive tool like iA Impact Analysis, businesses can avoid overlooking critical information, leading to potentially costly errors during the analysis phase.

● Detailed Object Information for Effective Management

The ‘Lists of Objects’ feature in iA Impact Analysis allows users to scan all instances of objects across the repository, making it easy to locate and identify retired or unused objects. This in-depth information gathering lays the groundwork for more effective object management, reducing the chance of errors during analysis.

● Streamline Source Search and Wildcard Technique

iA Impact Analysis’s ‘Source Scan’ function allows users to search for relevant text or text strings across the entire repository, ensuring a comprehensive analysis. Using a powerful wildcard technique guarantees that all relevant results are found, minimizing the risk of missing critical information.

● Visualizing Program Flow and Call Hierarchy

The ‘Hierarchy Structure Diagram’ feature in iA Impact Analysis provides a graphical representation of program flow and call hierarchy at the object or procedure levels. This helps users visualize complex relationships and reduces the risk of errors that may occur during manual analysis.

Final Word

The complexity of IBMi applications and the risk of errors during analysis can present significant business challenges. However, organizations can mitigate these challenges effectively with the iA Impact Analysis for IBMi products.

By providing a comprehensive overview of interwoven applications and offering detailed object information, iA Impact Analysis empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions and avoid potential disruptions caused by changes.

Moreover, with streamlined source searches and visual representations of program flow, iA Impact Analysis minimizes the risk of errors during the analysis process.