Explore the powerful features of the iA Impact Analysis Product

Unleashing Efficiency and Precision: Exploring the Powerful Features of the iA Impact Analysis Product

Managing IBMi systems and applications is crucial for businesses in today’s fast-paced technological landscape. However, managing and analyzing IBMi systems can be complex and time-consuming, often leading to resource constraints and potential errors. A revolutionary new product has emerged to streamline this process: iA Impact Analysis, explicitly designed for IBMi systems.

With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, iA simplifies the analysis of IBMi systems, enabling organizations to save valuable time, effort, and resources while enhancing efficiency and precision. In this article, we will explore the iA Impact Analysis product’s key features and its advantages. We will highlight how these features improve efficiency and accuracy in IBMi application analysis.

Exploring the Features

iA Features

The iA Impact Analysis product streamlines IBMi application analysis for organizations. It comes packed with features that enhance efficiency and precision. This innovative product offers a range of functions specifically developed to simplify the analysis processes and deliver accurate insights.

Let’s begin exploring each feature’s remarkable advantages, understanding their unique benefits, and how they contribute to optimized IBMi systems management.

1. “Where Object is Used” – Designed to Understand Dependencies and Relationships

The “Where Object is Used” feature of the iA Impact Analysis product allows users to locate impacted objects quickly and where a specific object is used or referenced. This functionality is invaluable for understanding the dependencies and relationships within an application.

By comprehensively evaluating dependent logical files, the iA Impact Analysis product provides a holistic view of the impact of a file on the entire application. This feature reduces the risk of errors and enables users to make informed decisions based on accurate and complete information.

2. “Source Scan” – Engineered to Streamline Source Code Search

The “Source Scan” feature of iA Impact Analysis works seamlessly across the entire repository, making locating specific texts or strings within source members and applications effortless.

With customizable search scope options, users can limit their search to specific source physical files or libraries, saving time and effort. A powerful wildcard technique captures all relevant results, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of source code search.

3. “Where Variable is Used” – Tailored to Track Variable Interactions

Users can locate all instances in the source code where a specific variable is used or referenced with the iA Impact Analysis “Where Variable is Used” feature. By providing detailed tracking of variable interactions for up to three levels, this feature offers a deeper understanding of the variable’s role in the application.

Users can effortlessly examine variable usage throughout development and maintenance, resulting in enhanced comprehension and more informed decision-making.

4. “Where File Field is Used” – Crafted for Comprehensive Field Interaction Analysis

The iA Impact Analysis product displays every source line in an application that uses or references a file field with the “Where File Field is Used” feature. This capability allows users to effortlessly track field interactions and dependencies within the application.

iA allows users to track field interactions up to three levels, providing comprehensive insight into field usage. By utilizing this information, it is possible to conduct precise application analyses and make informed decisions that aid in developing and maintaining the software.

5. “Where Procedure Is Used” – Created to Illuminate Procedure Dependencies

The “Where Procedure Is Used” feature in the iA Impact Analysis Product assists in locating all impacted objects and procedure details where a specific procedure is used or referenced. This feature offers a quick and comprehensive understanding of an application’s dependencies and relationships.

The iA Impact Analysis Product empowers users to analyze procedure dependencies efficiently and make informed decisions. It provides detailed information about referenced objects, including their object type, library, attributes, and the calling object’s details.

6. “Object Context Matrix” – Built to Visualize Object Relationships

The “Object Context Matrix” is valuable for tracking object references and relationships within an application. This iA feature presents a comprehensive matrix format that displays relevant information such as called programs, calling programs, file usage, binding directories, data areas, and procedure details.

This visualization facilitates a better understanding of object interactions, enabling users to grasp the context of their applications more efficiently. The PDF export functionality makes analyzing and presenting the object context information convenient.

7. “Hierarchy Structure Diagram” – Developed to Visualize Hierarchical Relationships

The iA “Hierarchy Structure Diagram” feature clearly represents the hierarchical relationships between objects within an application. This visualization aids in understanding the flow of data and logic, making it easy to navigate the structure forwards and backward.

With the ability to export the diagram in PDF or Excel, users can communicate and share their findings effectively. The “Hierarchy Structure Diagram” is a powerful feature for visualizing and analyzing the complex relationships within an application.

Final Word

The iA Impact Analysis product offers a range of powerful features that simplify IBMi application analysis, resulting in enhanced efficiency and precision. Each element brings unique advantages, allowing users to understand dependencies, streamline source code search, track variables and field interactions, gain insights into procedure dependencies, visualize object relationships, and navigate hierarchical structures.

With the iA Impact Analysis product, businesses can save time, effort, and resources, ultimately leading to improved decision-making and successful management of IBMi systems. Embrace the iA Impact Analysis Product and empower your team to supercharge their IBMi systems with faster, more accurate, and more efficient analysis.