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Streamline Your IBM i System Modifications with iA Impact Analysis

The technological world is advancing at breakneck speed, which means that most businesses struggle to maintain their IBM i systems, let alone enhance them. The worst part is that analyzing the impact of IBM i application modifications made to these systems can be challenging because it consumes valuable time and considerable resources.

That’s where the iA Impact Analysis product comes in as a revolutionary technology that simplifies and transforms this entire process. Developed by Programmers.io, iA Impact Analysis is an innovative product designed to provide a comprehensive overview of IBM i AS400 systems, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and unlock the true potential of their systems. Read on to get a complete overview of iA Impact Analysis.

Understanding iA Impact Analysis

To achieve the best results, businesses must implement the most efficient methods and technologies to enhance and maintain IBM i systems. With iA Impact Analysis, companies avoid extra costs stemming from a time-consuming manual analysis process, incomplete findings, potential mistakes, missed deadlines, lack of resources, and a vague understanding of the current IBM I system’s complexities. Too often, expensive tools don’t seem effective in resolving these problems.

The iA Impact Analysis product is an affordable game-changing solution for businesses of all sizes. iA addresses these pain points by automating the application analysis process to ensure accurate and reliable results quickly and efficiently.

This product is groundbreaking in its operation and appeal, with advanced capabilities that can elevate your IBM i systems to new heights. iA Impact Analysis is especially beneficial for teams working on time-sensitive projects, dealing with limited resources, or tackling complex IBM i applications that are too challenging to analyze manually.

One of the most beneficial aspects of iA for IBM i systems is its capacity to transform legacy system management with speed and accuracy. iA Impact Analysis to streamline IBM i application analysis, making it more accessible to those with limited system experience while achieving optimal results. 


Pain Points Addressed by iA Impact Analysis:

  • Time-Consuming Analysis:

    Analyzing IBM i applications can be a time-consuming and intricate process. The Programmers.io iA Impact Analysis product addresses this pain point by automating the analysis process and providing accurate results. Instead of spending weeks on manual application analysis, users complete their investigation and obtain estimates in a few days.

  • Incomplete Analysis:

    Traditional manual analysis methods may overlook particular objects impacted by changes, leading to incomplete results. iA Impact Analysis utilizes IBM i native technology, ensuring a comprehensive analysis that identifies all impacted objects. By leaving no stone unturned, iA ensures the accuracy and reliability of the results.

  • Risk of Errors:

    Manual analysis methods are prone to human errors, which can introduce risks and possibly disrupt operations. iA Impact Analysis leverages advanced techniques to provide accurate and reliable results, mitigating the risk of errors. With iA, businesses can confidently proceed with modifications, knowing that the analysis is dependable and trustworthy.

  • Time-Sensitive Projects:

    In today’s competitive landscape, projects often come with tight deadlines. Delays in the analysis phase can result in missed deadlines and lost revenue. The iA Impact Analysis product provides fast and efficient analysis, allowing clients to meet their project timelines and stay on track.

  • Limited Resources:

    Many organizations face limitations regarding resources allocated for a system impact analysis, such as small teams or limited budgets. The iA Impact Analysis product offers an affordable and efficient solution, making it accessible to clients with limited resources. Because Programmers.io offers its product at a price that is a percentage of its competition, businesses of all sizes benefit from comprehensive analysis without breaking the bank.

  • Limited Understanding of the Current System:

    When making changes to an IBM i system, it is crucial to understand its current state and how modifications will impact it. The iA Impact Analysis product bridges this gap by providing a detailed and comprehensive analysis that highlights the effects of changes on the system. With this knowledge, clients can make informed decisions and implement modifications confidently.

  • Increased Cost:

    Without the iA product, the absence of streamlined application impact analysis processes and the reliance on manual methods lead to increased costs due to longer timelines and the risk of errors. By embracing the iA Impact Analysis product, businesses can save on costs associated with inefficient analysis methods and ensure more efficient use of resources.

  • Expensive Tools:

    Existing analysis tools competitors can be costly and unaffordable for all clients. iA Impact Analysis disrupts this trend by providing an affordable and efficient solution. With its competitive pricing, iA makes impactful analysis capabilities accessible to a broader range of clients.

  • The Complexity of IBM i Applications:

    Developing IBM i applications can be daunting for inexperienced developers due to their complexity. Programmers.io’s iA product simplifies analysis with its user-friendly interface. Even seasoned IBM i systems experts can benefit from a deeper understanding of their applications to confidently navigate the modification process.

Solutions Offered by iA Impact Analysis

  • Streamlined Analysis Process:

    iA Impact Analysis simplifies the application analysis, significantly improving accuracy and automating workflows. By eliminating the manual burden, developers, analysts, and architects can focus on utilizing the insights generated by iA to move and enhance their existing applications effectively.

  • Valuable Insights:

    The iA Impact Analysis product boasts a multitude of strengths, including its ability to offer valuable insights into system repositories. The product’s advanced application analysis capabilities, combined with data tables and charts, allow users to grasp the impact of modifications quickly. With iA Impact Analysis, decision-makers can make informed business decisions to optimize processes for enhanced performance.

  • Time and Cost Savings:

    The automation and efficiency offered by Programmers.io’s iA Impact Analysis product result in substantial time and cost savings. Businesses can allocate resources more efficiently by significantly reducing their analysis timeline, allowing developers to concentrate on other critical tasks and projects.

  • Optimization of Analysis Process:

    The iA Impact Analysis product goes beyond simply providing analysis results. It offers a comprehensive understanding of data and applications, empowering developers and analysts to optimize their time and processes. By gaining deeper insights, businesses can proactively identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about their IBM i systems.


iA Impact Analysis is a game-changing solution for IBM i system modifications. With its comprehensive analysis approach, efficiency, affordability, and clear understanding of system implications, iA Impact Analysis revolutionizes the analysis of IBM i system modifications. By leveraging iA, organizations can streamline their analysis processes and make informed decisions that enhance their IBM i environments’ performance and success. 

Embrace the power of iA Impact Analysis and unlock the true potential of your IBM i systems today.