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Reasons to Use Microsoft’s Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is the latest technology in town that promises a suite of business intelligence solutions for all concerned. The business intelligence solution comes with reporting, data visualization and other related tools to allow teams and organizations the insights they need into customers.

Power BI stands out with amazing capabilities, which can help aid integration with other Microsoft services and products. “Power BI,” Microsoft says, “is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization. You can also embed them in your app or website.”

The solution is made up of multiple services that offer optimal versatility to companies looking to leverage multiple elements and benefit from the way they all get together.

In this article, we take a look at the different services offered by Microsoft’s Power BI, along with some of the reasons why you should be using it in your day to day operations. Stay with us to find out more about the application and what it entails.

Power BI Service

The first tool included within the Power BI suite is the Power BI Service. Power BI service comprises of a secure cloud solution that allows team members to view reports, applications and dashboards in one place.

Business intelligence apps on the service solution combine reports and dashboards in a presentable format for everyone to see and take notes from. The solution can be accessed using a web browser or through mobile apps on iOS, Android or Windows phones.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop comes with a basic model for analyzing data and presenting reporting tools that can be installed within your desktop in no time. The Power BI desktop solution can easily integrate and connect with some 70 data sources from the cloud and on premise. The integrations help create interactive visuals and dashboard reports from bland data.

programmers and data scientists working on data analysis can use the Power BI desktop to create reports that are then available to the Power BI service. Users on Power BI Desktop can do the following;

  • Connect to data
  • Create charts and graphs
  • Create reports and dashboards that are basically a representation of visuals
  • Transform and model the data
  • Share reports with others using the Power BI service

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro is a cloud-based software solution that is priced at a monthly fee for each user. Power BI Pro goes ahead of the desktop variant to offer collaboration between all users present on the Power BI solution. Users on the pro version can work with each other to download reports, work on visuals and create multiple solutions, all in one go.

Users on Power BI pro can do the following;

  • Embed all visuals from Power BI into the Power BI apps
  • Integration of the visuals and the output with other solutions provided by Microsoft, including Azure digital
  • Share dashboards, data and the relevant reports with all users in a collaborative manner
  • Enable peer to peer sharing where everyone is available to collaborate and communicate with one another.
  • Create workspaces where reports and visuals are studied in a coherent manner.

The Power BI Pro version is followed by the Premium version, which stacks up with Power BI Report Server, Power BI Mobile and Power BI embedded for the right results. These services include the following features:

  • Power BI embedded: Power BI embedded allows all developers to embed reports and dashboards from one Power BI solution into other applications, both inside and outside their applications. Users can sign into a Power BI application of choice and then make the transfers.
  • Power BI Report Server: The report server for Power BI is basically an on-premise solution. Users on Power BI Pro or Desktop can view the reports and the analysis they create on the Report Server. The report server can be viewed on both desktop and mobile applications, based on whichever solution seems more convenient to you.
  • Power BI Mobile: Power BI comes with a number of mobile applications as well, which can be conveniently accessed for Android, Windows 10 and iOS mobile devices. Users on all these mobile devices can interact with the application and solution.

Reasons to Use Power BI

We now study some of the reasons why you should use Power BI, and why it should be your solution of choice for business intelligence.

  • Quick Start: Microsoft’s Power BI gives a quick start for everyone and requires an uncomplicated setup process. The platform includes services such as Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics and Salesforce.
  • Real time Info: Power BI is capable of providing real time information to all users on the platform. This info can come in handy for real time decisions.
  • Streamlined Distribution: Power BI follows a streamlined distribution process instead of putting files individually on a shared drive. Power BI allows users to upload reports and visualizations on the server provided by them.
  • Customization: Users working on the Power BI application can follow customization techniques to customize their own app navigation. The customization feature is a niche touch.
  • Customized Security: Power BI also comes with customized security. Developers and data scientists on the platform can update security protocols to make sure that only people who have access to data are able to see it.

Microsoft’s Power BI is a breath of fresh air in the tech saturation surrounding us today. The solution offers multiple features, and we hope we have covered them in detail within this article.