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Hire Node.js Developer to Build Your Next Application

Developers today use Node.js and the solutions that come from it to write commands and server side scripts on JavaScript. Node.js has widespread application today that goes beyond application and web development.

Many contributors from all over the world are actively part of the Node.js environment today and are involved in the setup in one way or the other. Many businesses are extensively considering the option of hiring Node.js developers for cross-platform development in a comprehensive manner.

For those who are unaware of it, Node.js is a run-time platform built on the effective V8 JavaScript engine by Chrome. Node.js is based on an open-source server environment that focuses on an event-callback approach. The tool comes in handy for a number of reasons including in assistance for backend servers, micro services, API development, scripting and automation.

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In this article we take you through the Node.js platform and introduce you to the tool. We also study some of the reasons you should consider hiring a Node.js developer for your firm.

Main Features of Node.js

Node.js works in a unique manner. The platform is different in comparison to some other competing platforms within the industry. For starters, the platform uses one single language for programming in the form of JavaScript. The language is used for real-time web application development, allowing free exchange of data across the client-side and server.

Node.js also operates on a single thread which is different from some of its counterparts. The platform does not need a large footprint to support multiple connections and orchestrate tasks. A number of companies today have adapted Node.js development company, including:

  • General Electric
  • GoDaddy
  • Microsoft
  • PayPal
  • Wikipins
  • Yahoo!
  • Yammer

Some of the primary features of Node.js include:

Very Fast Operations

Since Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript Engine by Google Chrome, it performs exceedingly fast. Besides this, almost all of the on/off methods within the standard library for Node.js operate without blockages and can work asynchronously. These features add up to the speed of the platform and make the code execution process extremely smooth and fast.

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Asynchronous Events

Carrying on from the feature above, all APIs within the Node.js library are asynchronous. This asynchronous nature ensures that the servers within Node.js move to the next API immediately rather than waiting for the API to return data. The notification mechanism is extremely robust and clever, which allows it to respond to API calls in an efficient manner.

Exceptional Performance

Node.js utilizes an exceptional single-threaded model that lends power to its performance. This single-threaded model makes the server highly scalable in comparison to conventional servers on the network. The single-threaded programs within Node.js can cater to a higher number of requests than counterparts such as Apache HTTP Server can cater to.

Zero Buffering

Applications on Node.js do not require constant buffering of data within the system. These applications are able to output data in chunks, resulting in zero buffering.

Benefits of Using Node.js

Node.js comes with a number of benefits that businesses using it can experience on an enterprise-level. The benefits mentioned below will help you understand the utility of this programming language.

Better Performance, Scalability and Speed

Node.js is significantly different than some of the other programming solutions used for designing and developing complex applications. The solution is updated in a timely manner and is power packed with security patches and performance boosters. The platform provides quick support for modern features found in JavaScript.

The Node.js technology is created on Google Chrome’s V8 engine, which makes it ideal for the operating system. The V8 engine ensures quick processing without any delays. The single thread architecture also eliminates new requests for threads and is event-driven. This eventually reduces performance time and enhances output.

Cross-Functional Cooperation

On an enterprise level, Node.js can significantly improve cross-functional cooperation and development. A cross-functional team does not work in the same manner as a team which works in a silo. Each member in a cross-functional team is accountable for different actions from code-writing to maintenance.

An application here requires attention on both, the server-side and client-side operations. Node.js can be deployed for both uses as it helps bridge the gap between the frontend and backend skills applied by developers.

Node Package Manager

The Node package manager works like a charm for programmers as it allows them to install, update and use smaller open-source modules within their work. Additionally, programmers do not have to write common features from scratch anymore, as they can use the package manner for that purpose. This helps reduce the complexity of the task and makes it evenly balanced.

Privacy and security are big concerns for organizations today, and the Node package manager ensures that both of these concerns are restricted through optimal security and privacy for your data.

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Choosing the Best Node.js development team

If you’re impressed by the functionality of Node.js as a tech solution, you should consider the following factors before choosing the best Node.js team:

  • Do Your Research: Do perform your research before you find a development service for Node.js. Look across social media pages and read reviews from others.
  • Know Your Needs and Budget: Businesses looking for a Node.js developer or a development service should know their needs and their budget. This will help ensure that they find the best fit.
  • Check Their Portfolio: Remember to check their Node.js portfolio to get a good idea of the work they do. This will again give you the safety you need.

Node.js is an ideal solution for businesses looking to design robust and cross-platform applications. The information mentioned in this article, pertaining to Node.js, will help you get an idea of the benefits this tech platform offers.