The Benefits of AS400/iSeries System Documentation and Why You Need It

Over 60% of businesses surveyed said they had inconsistent data and too many sources of data. It’s obvious that businesses want to use their data and information, but they simply don’t know how to do it effectively. AS400 software can help!

The IBM AS400 iSeries (also called IBMi) is a type of application server. This is used by both large and small organizations because it does such an amazing job of handling large amounts of data effortlessly.

Whether you work in banking, manufacturing, logistics, or even insurance, data is important. In order to access and utilize this data, you’ll need a secure server option, which is exactly what AS400 software can offer.

Are you still trying to figure out what this means and how your business will benefit? Keep reading as we talk about why system documentation is crucial and how the AS400/iSeries software will help make it easier on your business.

Faster Performance and Resolutions

Part of the reason that the AS400 iSeries is so popular is that it has been the main example with different industries for how much information and resolutions can be handled by software.

A programmer will be able to execute the same concepts for one product toward the next project of similar design with ease. This will make things even easier (and more productive).

In addition to this, the IBM system here works well with a lot of data at once, which is not always true for its competition. If you are dealing with a lot of intricate computations, for example, you should have no problem still getting the data-based results you need quickly.

Easier for Limited Staff

If you’re a start-up or a business that doesn’t have a lot of employees, this is a great option for you. Your business doesn’t have to have a lot of staff to run this software. In fact, you can actually run the IBM AS400 with just one admin.

The iSeries system was designed to have a low cost of ownership.

In fact, this system is actually good for businesses that are trying to save a little bit of money in this area. The community is committed to constantly updating and developing this product. You’ll have no issues with continuing to create your business’s necessary intellectual property without having to upgrade to an entirely new system.

Better Stability and Security

This is a software system that has been around for a while, so it is extremely reliable. It often doesn’t often have any type of maintenance problems, which is one of its strongest points when compared to competitors.

Server security is tied to stability today, especially as companies continue to hold onto their valuable data and assets on their organization’s servers. Without dependable security measures, that data is vulnerable to attack.

One of the reasons the AS400 iSeries is so secure is that it has an object-based design, which means it treats all files or devices as objects. It also has single-level storage, which ensures higher security for any type of company system.

Easier to Use and Flexible 

Even though this computer series is complex in how it works and what it can do, business owners or teams can still easily use the actual components. It is intermixed with software, hardware, a database, and more which makes it very advanced and remarkable in how it works.

The AS400 was designed by IBM to ensure that software and hardware changes were not going to affect each other. For instance, any changes to the software or updates to that part of the programming are not going to impact how the hardware functions.

This means that you can easily update and change as needed without worrying about separate installations.

Why Do You Need This Software at Your Business?

The key reason that your business needs this system is to make your data efforts more streamlined. If you don’t start to take care of your data from the beginning, it becomes more difficult for IT teams to play catchup later.

You won’t have to worry about data quality problems, lack of best practices, or not having enough resources. This server system is capable of keeping your data safe while also making it easy for you, as the business operator, to access.

If you’re like many other businesses that want to learn how to use their data so that they can grow and expand, choosing the AS400 system is a no-brainer.

Government agencies, banks, and healthcare facilities are some of the examples of industries that use this server software. As they deal with some of the most sensitive data out there, it’s clear that this is a great solution to handling those heavier applications, like a health information system.

It’s constantly being updated, and since it is used by so many different industries, there are other development companies that work with IBM to ensure it is accessible to organizations around the world.

Invest in Your Future Today with AS400 Software

Overall, choosing to invest in the AS400 system will be smart for your company. You’ll be able to save money, have better security for your data, and have the chance to store large volumes of data with ease.

This is a type of server system that has been around for years now, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re ready to take the leap and work with experts that know all about this software, we are ready to help you. Our team will help your business accomplish your goals, so contact us today to see what we can do for you!