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Application Services in AS400 IBMi

You’re determined to enhance the customer experience at your company by creating a free app for them to use. Smart thinking.

Research shows that 90% of American adults use phone or tablet apps monthly. That’s because apps offer enhanced personalization and communication with users based on people’s interests and locations.

You have options when it comes to app development for your business. Let’s explore application development services in the AS400 computer system.

Why App Development?

Mobile applications are invaluable tools for modern companies seeking growth.

These solutions can help drive customer loyalty and engagement. You can achieve this by offering seamless product or service access and rewards programs through your app to form strong customer connections.

The personalized content your app delivers to users can also provide you with deeper customer behavior insights. This can help foster data-driven decision-making for growing your business.

Mobile app rewards programs make it simple to keep customers connected with your business’s brand. Use your app to offer incentives like redeemable points, discounted rates, and special offers.

Another reason to embrace application development is that it can help refine the user experience. Your app can collect customer feedback and address user concerns to generate long-term customer satisfaction.

AS400 Computer System and IBM i Series

IBM produced several technologies during the 1950s. These technologies continue to dominate information technology and manufacturing. Nearly 30,000 companies still use software and hardware related to the following IMB technologies:

  • AS400 computer platform
  • IBM i Series operating system
  • RPGLE programming language
  • SMART400 system (used in industries like insurance)

Some businesses have retired the IBM i Series and AS400, but others continue to use them for several reasons. One reason is that moving from 1950s-era legacy systems to new systems is labor intensive. The process involves the following steps:

Picking a brand-new platform

Installing the new software

Updating the company’s data in the new platform

Doing the above steps may not seem worthwhile for your business if you appreciate IBM i technology’s performance, power, and reliability. Companies today can instead scale IBM i since it already supports several operating systems.

A mid-sized business can use a small starter system, while a large company can use a larger server and system.

Integrating the Old with the New 

You may be looking for an IBM i developer since you trust your existing system but need to upgrade it. Integrating several solutions to enhance your current system’s user interface can make this possible.

These cutting-edge solutions include the following:

  • ERP (enterprise resource planning software system)
  • API (application programming interface)
  • EDI (electronic data interchange)
  • Cloud technology solutions

ERPs automate and manage a company’s main business processes. APIs are lists of operations developers may use, while EDI refers to electronic rather than paper-based communication.

The challenge is finding a qualified AS400 RPGLE programmer. Many experienced IBM i system developers have retired, and younger developers aren’t familiar with AS400 System. These younger developers receive training in the latest technologies mentioned above instead.

What Experienced Programmers Can Do

The good news is that programmers with experience with IBM i and AS400 still exist.

These experts can use RPGLE to manipulate your existing system and introduce new hardware solutions, databases, and cloud computing. They can develop codes to integrate into your business operations to make your system more efficient.

Application Development Services

A reputable provider of AS400 application development services can help you improve and maintain your IBM i system while working with numerous programming languages, including SQL, RGG-FREE, RPG-ILE, and RPG.

The best developers are experienced with various types of software, including the cloud solutions associated with JD Edwards. They’re also familiar with the SMART400 system used in the financial technology industry or for business-to-business operations and e-commerce.

Programmers with IBM i and AS400 experience also know how to work on the following technologies related to IBM’s mid-range platform:

  • Domino/Notes (email and calendar management platform)
  • WebSphere (business application server)
  • J2EE (environment for building web-based applications)

Expert AS400 and IBM i developers follow functional specs to generate technical documents and develop pseudo-codes (program rough drafts). This can help you strengthen your current systems’ legacy code by modernizing it. They can also diagnose and troubleshoot problems after integrating EDI or ERP solutions.

Reliable developers can deliver your system within your budget and on time. You can trust them to handle your project at any stage.

What Services Include

Perhaps you’re interested in specific business technology services through a programmer with AS400 computer system and IBM i experience. We mentioned earlier that a dependable service provider can offer enhancements and support for your AS400 application.

They can also provide the following services:

  • Application enhancement using programming languages like Java
  • Java web service applications for WebSphere Application Server
  • Development and support for IBM i tech on Node JS/ .NET/ Java
  • AS400 (BI) Business Intelligence Application Development
  • AS400 Reporting and Analytics Applications
  • AS400 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Applications
  • AS400 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Applications
  • AS400 Financial Application Development
  • AS400 Inventory and Supply Chain Applications
  • AS400 HR (Human Resources) Application Development
  • AS400 E-commerce and Online Store Applications
  • AS400 Manufacturing and Production Applications
  • AS400 Healthcare and Medical Applications
  • AS400 Education and e-Learning Applications
  • AS400 Inventory Management Applications
  • AS400 Order Processing Applications
  • AS400 Sales and Marketing Applications
  • AS400 Retail Point of Sale (POS) Applications
  • AS400 Inventory Tracking and Management Applications
  • AS400 Document Management Applications
  • AS400 Workflow and Process Automation Applications
  • AS400 Customer Support and Helpdesk Applications
  • AS400 Project Management Applications
  • AS400 Time and Attendance Tracking Applications
  • AS400 Travel and Expense Management Applications
  • AS400 Procurement and Purchasing Applications
  • AS400 Supply Chain Management Applications
  • AS400 Asset Management Applications
  • AS400 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Applications
  • AS400 Business Process Management (BPM) Applications
  • AS400 Document Archiving and Retrieval Applications
  • AS400 Data Migration and Integration Applications
  • AS400 Service Management Applications
  • AS400 Event Management and Scheduling Applications
  • AS400 Data Warehousing Applications

Your developer should be experienced with several development tools, like LANSA, Synony, GeneXus, ASNA, and AS/SET. They should also know programming languages like CLLE and RPG400.

What to Look For in a AS400 Developer

An essential quality of a developer with AS400 computer system experience is the ability to support modern and legacy platforms. Certified subject matter experts are comfortable using both technologies.

These professionals can also provide remote support. This means you can receive help with your computer system no matter what time zone your business operates in.

Look for a service provider that guarantees their work, too. The best programming companies will guarantee their work for up to 90 days.

Trustworthy developers also won’t charge you upfront fees or startup costs. You will receive an invoice only if you’re satisfied with their work.

Suppose you decide to hire a programmer long-term. The one you choose should offer fixed monthly prices you can easily budget for. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees or contract commitments.

How We Can Help

AS400 computer system and IBM i tech programmers can help businesses upgrade their current IBM computer systems. This may involve integrating new technologies into dependable existing systems. These programmers can also help maintain a company’s newly integrated system.

At, we can help you transform your legacy IBM system into a cutting-edge tool that meets your needs. Contact us to partner with us today and take your existing system to the next level.