Learn how iA Impact Analysis helps solve the challenges of incomplete analysis

Address Limited IBMi System Understanding and Incomplete Analysis with iA Impact Analysis

Businesses often need a better understanding of their IBMi AS400 systems and the potential risks of incomplete analysis when performing application maintenance and updates. Even small changes can have disruptive impacts without comprehensively understanding their application and data dependencies. The disruptions can cause time-consuming repairs and potential downtime.

Analysts and developers gain in-depth insights into their system with the revolutionary iA Impact Analysis product for IBMi applications, ensuring better decision-making and a smoother workflow. This article dives into the two major pain points related to limited understanding and incomplete analysis and explores how iA Impact Analysis offers a comprehensive solution.

Disruptive Impact of Small Changes

Developers know about the potentially disruptive impact on interconnected components when making small changes to IBM i system applications. Even minor modifications can lead to unexpected consequences and create time-consuming problems. iA Impact Analysis provides a detailed and precise understanding of the system’s objects, files, and procedures to prevent disruptions when making AS400 maintenance and application updates.

● Providing Details for Objects, Files, and Procedures

iA Impact Analysis offers a comprehensive overview of the entire repository, allowing users to search and find all relevant text or text strings across all applications in the system using the ‘Source Scan’ feature. This insightful search ensures the programmer doesn’t miss critical information, providing a basis for seamless, error-free object management.

● Identifying Dependent Objects

With the ‘Where Object Is Used’ feature, iA Impact Analysis helps users quickly locate dependent objects, making it easier to understand the dependencies and relationships within their applications. That enables businesses to assess the potential impacts of changes and make informed decisions to avoid disruptions.

Incomplete Analysis Reports

Incomplete analysis reports are a significant concern for company decision-makers because they provide a partial picture of potential risks or impacts of proposed changes. A lack of comprehensive information can lead to uncertainty and hesitation when executing essential initiatives. iA Impact Analysis addresses these concerns by offering detailed and accurate analysis reports for even the most dated IBM i systems.

● Comprehensive Analysis of Applications and Data

When migrating an IBM i system to a new platform, clients can use iA Impact Analysis to analyze the applications and data thoroughly and quickly. The ‘Source Scan’ feature ensures no critical information is overlooked during migration by searching for all relevant text or strings throughout the repository.

● Identify Areas for Performance Optimization

Developers can utilize iA Impact Analysis to optimize their IBM i applications efficiently. By employing the powerful ‘Hierarchy Structure Diagram,’ users visualize the flow of the hierarchy relationships between objects, files, and procedures. This enables them to pinpoint areas for improvement and fine-tune the processes going forward or backward through the system.

Final Word

IBM iSeries developers often often struggle with maintaining and updating applications for the IBM i system due to limited understanding and incomplete analysis. This can lead to disruptive issues and require costly and time-consuming repairs. Fortunately, iA Impact Analysis offers a solution to these challenges. By providing detailed information on objects, files, and procedures, users can avoid disruptive impacts caused by small changes. iA’s comprehensive reports enable companies to make informed decisions and optimize their systems effectively.