About Client

The client is the leading expert and resource for quality child care since 2003. Its main objective is to empower parents and early childhood professionals to make safe, healthy, nurturing, educational child care a top priority. The organization has 7 regional offices to provide technical guidance, coaching, and resources to child care providers and parents. It has implemented many tech-driven initiatives wherein has been its technology partner.


Industry challenge

The client works to increase the qualifications of child care and early education professionals. The major challenge faced by the client was the huge amount of paperwork and manual effort required due to the legacy system’s processes and limitations. The organization wanted to go paperless by automating the processes such as offering scholarships, document approvals, submissions, trainings, and report generation. It wanted to rebuild the website with some advanced features like connecting with government authorities and sending automated alerts/emails while keeping a few existing functionalities untouched.

The Solution


As the technology partner of the client, held in-depth conversations with the client and promptly began the process of automation.


Our team proposed a system that allows application users to work through a user friendly interface, upload documents, browse data, approve submissions, do online courses, provide online trainings etc.


The team used Agile methodology for project management that helped in meeting deadlines along with issue resolution during the development process.


Besides digitizing the document maintenance process and automating manual work, the application was updated with new features such as digital background check of the staff, generating timely reports of child care providing facilities, their certificate validity, staff details, staff rates and availability, history of student’s Academic contracts with Academic terms and grades etc.