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Reasons Why You Should Choose Ruby on Rails for Your Next Ecommerce Website

The rise in the number of ecommerce websites online has significantly increased the competition new ecommerce vendors face when they start to sell their products to the general public. Winning the ecommerce race currently requires businesses to provide security, customer experience, and exceptional performance consistently.

The increase in competition has forced ecommerce vendors to try only the best frameworks for their ecommerce websites, which is where Ruby on Rails comes into the picture.

In this article, we take a look at Ruby on Rails and the web framework it offers for ecommerce websites. Go through the article and find reasons to choose Ruby on Rails for your next ecommerce website.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails first came into the market as the perfect framework for solving specific ecommerce problems on websites. The framework grew in stature with time and eventually proved itself to be far more convenient and functional than people had previously expected it to be. David Heinemeier Hansson first designed the framework on Ruby programming language.

The Ruby on Rails framework is extremely convenient and simple to use. The framework is also used by a number of brands today, including Basecamp, Groupon, GitHub, Airbnb, Zendesk and SoundCloud, among others.

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The Ruby on Rail platform simplifies the code design process and emphasizes form over function. Designers on the Ruby on Rails platform get to benefit from the following approaches:

  • No Repetition in Functions: The framework allows programmers to reuse the code without repeating it again and again across different functions.
  • Convention over Configuration: The platform comes with pre-established conventions, which save developers from configuring new code every time.
  • Modularity: The Ruby on Rails platform comes with a decent library of exciting plug-ins that help designers to incorporate exciting features on their ecommerce design without building and designing their own.

According to recent research by BuiltWith data, the popularity of Ruby on Rails is rising for websites over the world. Over 1,153 of the top 10k ecommerce websites on the internet today use Ruby on Rails. Additionally, Ruby on Rails is also the third most popular programming language on the internet and is second only to and PHP.

What type of projects are best for Ruby on Rails

Stock exchange platforms.
Dating and ad platforms.
Social media networks.
Non-standard complex projects.

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Companies already using Ruby on Rails

Although Ruby on Rails is mostly preferred by startups, it has now also attarcted big established organizations such as Basecamp, Airbnb, Shopify, Goodreads, Kickstarter, Hulu, and many more.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Ruby on Rails

Some of the reasons why Ruby on Rails is perfect for your next ecommerce website include:


Ruby on Rails is focused on easy code management, swift deployment, and plug-ins to incorporate a number of features without going through the additional hassle. The modular architecture present within the framework makes it easier to future-proof and modify. What this means is that the framework is extremely scalable and flexible in nature and can grow with time. Adding new features and expanding on the current ones will not tear your application apart.

Stability in Performance

The framework comes with a set of standardized policies that are incorporated in a stable manner. This allows the code on the platform to be more stable while significantly improving the performance it has to offer as well.

Ruby on Rails reduces the struggle developers go through when configuring codes and helps provide a stable solution for the long run.

Assists Integrations

Setting up a global ecommerce store is no mean feat and requires several payment integrations and solutions. Offering multiple payment options on your ecommerce website can be a hassle if the framework you opt for does not support that.

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Ruby on Rails provides a systematic system of plug-ins that is specifically tailored to the requirements of every industry around us. Users from different global markets can offer financial payment models that they consider best without any problem. The popularity and fame of Ruby on Rails ensure that there are a number of exotic payment systems available on the framework.

Numerous Solutions

Ruby on Rails comes with a number of solutions that are easily accessible to users. These solutions enable users to design their own system without going through any unnecessary hassle or undue processes.

Designers do not have to build the payment gate or the car from scratch, as they can access readymade solutions for this purpose.

Easy to Deploy

The web development framework by Ruby on Rails comes with a rich set of automation options that make deployment easier for developers. As we discussed above, there is no repetition in functions, making the debugging process simple to manage without any headaches. Ruby on Rails significantly simplifies the coding process and guides the developer through it.

Consistent and Proven Technology

Although the Ruby on Rails framework is relatively new, it is still used and trusted by a number of global platforms. Ruby on Rails was first released in 2004, which is significantly recent compared to the 1995 release date of PHP. Ruby on Rails is used by a number of global giants today, including Airbnb, Walmart and GitHub.

Community Support

Finally, Ruby on Rails provides exceptional security and provides a secure platform for building your apps. All apps built through the framework are hardened through placeholders in queries on a database. Cross-site scripting makes the final product securer and better in the long run.

Future for RoR

Ruby on Rails is almost 15 years old, yet its widely used by developers because of its updated versions that offer features according to the latest trends. The latest version of RoR is 3.0 which is faster, robust and offers features such as superior memory utilization, static analysis, use of Ractors and schedulers. Etc. RoR is very useful in completing technically complex projects. It is a tool for faster development and all of this makes it a strong enough tool to build MVPs.

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