Using Vue.js for web development

Reasons to Use Vue.js for App Development

A number of brands and businesses today stress on stuffing their websites and applications with unnecessary gimmicks. Brands want to fit as much as they possibly can on their home page or website page to get the kind of results they are looking for.

Gone are the days when customers just wanted information relayed to them in whatever manner possible. The customer of today wants information to be provided in a manner that befits their needs. Brands that ran a digital audit of their website and other factors related to it found out that customers shied away from interacting with them because they didn’t focus on providing customers with the perfect UI/UX experience.

All brands today have reworked this strategy and are more inclusive of the UI/UX design they go for within their application. Brands make sure that users get the best possible experience on the application and that their requirements are met. In line with these changes, brands have started using new languages and frontend frameworks. Vue.JS is one JavaScript framework that comes to mind for ticking all the right boxes and providing users with a complete one-stop experience.

In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons that make Vue.js developers stand out in the market. Stay with us to find out just why you should be making your next web app on this framework.

What is Vue.JS?

Before we mention some of the reasons why brands should use Vue.js for developing applications and designing the perfect UI, we take a look at what exactly is it. Vue is basically an open-source JavaScript framework that helps developers with frontend development. The framework comes with free open-source subscription and is used for the development of almost 36,000 web apps.

The staggering number of web apps developed through Vue.js all point towards the fact that it is a decent framework for improving your web app’s frontend.

Here are explained combination of vue.js with python, vue.js with Laravel.

Reasons to use Vue.js

We now move towards some of the reasons why developers should use Vue.js in their daily operations. You should run through these reasons to understand just why Vue.js is your go-to option for front-end development on your website.

Virtual DOM

Vue.js comes with a virtual DOM as part of the overall package. Developers would know just how necessary it is to have a virtual DOM in this day and age. A virtual DOM basically ensures that all changes made during the development process do not in any way reflect on the DOM.

The virtual DOM mechanism creates an alternative version of the DOM, which is managed on the virtual world and helps store all changes made in real time.

The virtual DOM gives users the ability to develop and work on changes within their UI design. The platform also gives users the ability to undo whatever they want in a manner that is cost-effective in nature. Vue.JS stands above other frameworks like Angular, just because of the virtual DOM that it offers.

Data Binding

The data binding feature on Vue.js gives developers an opportunity to set values, attributes and modifications for HTML. The actions can help accomplish real results and derive proper benefits from the binding process. The results from the v-bind process can be seen across all steps of the development process.

Smaller App Size

Vue.js comes with a smaller app size than many other competitors in the market. By smaller we mean that the app size for Vue.js is literally measured at 18 to 21 KB. The small application size makes Vue.js stand out in front of other frameworks such as Ember.

Despite the small size of the application, Vue.js does not compromise on the output and can provide results that customers can trust. Developers can pick the Vue JavaScript framework for both large-sized and small-sized projects.

Ease of Learning

Vue.JS is based on the JavaScript framework and is fairly easy to learn and implement. The structure for the UI framework is simple and nature and can correct all errors that are made during the coding process.

The simple learning curve ensures that all kinds of developers can pick up the craft and start developing on Vue.js. The framework also gives better performance in terms of high frame rate and other options. The better performance and the simple learning procedure make it the perfect option for many developers today.


Vue.JS is also simple to integrate with other applications based on the JavaScript. Vue.js can seamlessly integrate with other applications based on the JavaScript to provide direct results. The best part about this integration is that developers get the added flexibility of either developing the application from scratch or working on something that is already developed.

Flexibility is, in fact, one of the most talked about features of Vue.js. The flexibility of Vue.js is what helps it stand out in the market. The framework gives developers the option to either write templates in JavaScript or HTML.

Future Maintenance

Developers working on a new application should always ensure the future maintenance of the app and should minimize it wherever they can. Vue.js comes with simplified solutions and can provide bug-free performance in the future. All developers would love to know that their application does not require frequent maintenance and can work without elaborate budgets.

The Vue.js framework is meant for developers looking for a simple solution with flexible development options. We hope you can take a decisive decision to move towards Vue.js at the end of this article.