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The Best Cloud Computing Jobs around You

The IT industry is witnessing a significant disruption. The clock is ticking forward, and the industry is at a point of disruption, where old skills are becoming outdated, and new professions are the talk of the town.

We have written numerous blog posts on this topic and have covered the details surrounding the disruption in the IT market. The Cloud is one of the factors leading the wave toward innovation, and it is the very future that will dictate how things go on in the IT industry.

Given the increase in the adoption of Cloud related technologies, there is a severe shortage of talent within the market. Organizations across the globe require the best talent in town to oversee their cloud technology and ensure that they are on an upward trend in embracing technology.

Employees that had mastered old legacy systems are also in a race against time to make sure that they are at the same par as the demands in the market. While the traditional IT approach is still alive and kicking, certain advancements need to be understood and catered to.

Here we discuss some of the best cloud computing positions around and try to understand what makes professionals mastering them so successful. Read along as we see the most rewarding and requested job positions in the Cloud market.

Cloud Sales

The Cloud isn’t about code debugging, mastering sysadmin tasks, and black terminals. A lot of Cloud-related jobs revolve around the art of selling. Not only is this, but many Cloud professionals that have stuck with their talents are now working as managers, directors, and C-level professionals. The success of other professionals proves that the cloud revolution has engaged the top floors just as well as it has engaged the bottom floors.

Cloud Sales is one of the most exciting positions in the cloud market because it promises a blend between cloud technology and business management. A cloud sales professional must have the necessary knowledge about the cloud systems they are selling and what is required to ensure a seamless transaction. This position is up for grabs, as business graduates with intermediary cloud-level knowledge can apply and become a part of the system.

Cloud System Administrator

The traditional position of a system administrator is still as much in demand as before. The only difference the integration of the Cloud has made is that now, most organizations want their system administrators to have specific proficiency over systems of the Cloud.

The Cloud is still susceptible to certain damages and risks, so you still need a system administrator to oversee the processes; classical case of the old job, new tools, and a lot more fun.

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Cloud Software Engineers

Look up ‘Cloud Software Engineer’ on Google, and you will surely get more than a million job positions within the search results. A cloud software engineer is one of the fastest-growing job roles globally. The position is also in high demand among the new talent, as numerous employees with a background education in cloud software development want to be a part of this market.

The cloud software engineer is responsible for designing and developing different cloud modules. These modules integrate with the services of the cloud service providers to ensure continuous development over some time.

Someone with a thorough computer science background would sit in perfectly here, and experience in software engineering and development would add as a bonus.

Cloud Architect

All of you will agree that the cloud architect is one of the most decorated positions in the cloud market.

The cloud architect is responsible for keeping the cloud system stable and ensuring that the cloud system is doing the job expected of it. Cloud architects are in high demand, and the popularity of the position is only expected to grow over time.

Cloud architects are also tasked with working side-by-side with every department of the organization and ensuring that the services are integrated in the best manner possible. The demand for this position is expected to increase over time, with more talented individuals slotted to be part of the change.


Besides just being a fancy word, DevOps (a portmanteau of Development and Operations) is also the latest job role disrupting the IT market. The DevOps field is also linked to the Cloud, as it offers a blend of skills ranging from technology administration to software development. These are all positions that the cloud market needs.

DevOps is growing into an in-demand skill that organizations require. DevOps is an essential combination of cultural practices and philosophies in one place. The technique is made out of multiple practices and tools that can help enhance the speed of operations in an organization and help deliver services at a faster rate.

Organizations that use traditional software development tools are far from others that incorporate DevOps tools within their processes. DevOps can increase the pace of adoption and lead to faster software development. DevOps specialists and Azure DevOps engineers are in high demand currently as organizations look to incorporate the technique into their operations. The fast pace of innovation, coupled with the solutions, can help unlock potential and lead to rapid development.

The world is changing, and so are the trends. New jobs are opening up, and new roles are required to fill them. The trends lead us to the world of DevOps and how it is a hot trending job for newbies in the market.