Guide for Boosting Productivity With AI

Salesforce Einstein Copilot: The Ultimate Guide for Boosting Productivity & Sales with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in development for decades, practically since the early days of computing, but for most of this time, it was confined to a small subset of corporations, academia, and the development community. However, it has gained mainstream recognition and attention in the last few years, partly because of public access to AI tools like Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT and Text-to-Image Generators like Dall-E. The growth of AI tools, both general-purpose and use-case specific, has been exponential so far, and Salesforce Einstein Copilot is among the latest examples of this.

Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Salesforce Einstein Copilot is an AI assistant that all Salesforce CRM users can opt for. Like most AI assistants dedicated to or connected to a specific platform, its primary goal is to make the platform more accessible, easier to use, easier to navigate, and more productive for the users. However, that doesn’t fully encompass Einstein Copilot because it’s not inherently leaning toward the platform and its functionality.

Einstein Copilot, as the official tagline states, is “grounded in your company data,” which reflects its consumer and consumer-data leaning build, as well as a high relevance factor. This is also why it’s not comparable to a typical LLM; it doesn’t just assist you and help you find the right answers to your questions (whether they regard Salesforce or your data); it can also perform certain actions with your permissions. This may include analyzing customer purchase patterns to recommend products or analyzing behavior patterns from customer data. It leverages already mature LLMs to understand the intent but enhances it by grounding its responses in your company’s data, making them far more relevant. The Copilot itself has a small learning curve and you can even minimize that if you can hire Salesforce programmers/engineers for onboarding and integrations. Once you know how it works, you can significantly enhance your productivity and achieve much more with the platform.

Enhancing Productivity With Einstein Copilot

There are several ways Einstein Copilot can enhance productivity for a Salesforce user (regardless of the industry they operate in). You can identify specific productivity enhancing avenues for your business if you can find Salesforce developers well-versed in Einstein Copilot and integrate them into your team.

Natural Language Queries

Gone are the days when sales teams had to reach out to data or IT teams to identify patterns and generate reports in familiar formats to make use of the data. They can ask the Copilot what they are looking for, and it can analyze the company’s CRM data for them. Similarly, different departments of a business can query the Copilot in natural language and get relevant answers and information. This makes each team member more productive, more independent, and faster. It also reduces a business’s need to hire Salesforce engineers that could develop AI-based APIs or integrations to achieve the same results.

Generate Content

Einstein Copilot can significantly reduce the time needed to generate reports, write emails, explain concepts, draft responses to clients, and perform numerous other functions that are part of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. An average US employee used to spend 28% of their working day writing and reading emails up until a few years ago. LLMs cut that time into a fraction, and now, tools like Einstein Copilot that are built into Salesforce functionality and integrated with communication tools like Slack can make employees even more productive and efficient at all content-related tasks. The functionality is intuitive enough that a business’s employees can start using it without any onboarding or training (for which you would need to find Salesforce developers and Einstein copilot experts).


While automation predates AI (in a functional sense), it is still mainly the domain of IT and other tech-savvy professionals within the business. Einstein Copilot can help a much larger group of employees to automate their tasks. Sales teams can automate report summarizing and generations, customer services can automate replies and customer assistance tasks, and marketing can automate content creation and posting. Many of these things could have been done with Salesforce before, but now people can convey their requirements in natural language. However, it’s worth noting that you may need to hire Salesforce programmers/engineers for more sophisticated and far-reaching automation.

Custom Actions and Plans

One of the ways Einstein Copilot goes beyond the definition of an AI Assistant is that it can be customized for each business and business use case. Various stakeholders in the business (not just developers) can leverage the growing library of standard actions Copilot offers and create custom actions and comprehensive plans to execute specific tasks. This customization can also help businesses maintain data accessibility hierarchies and ensure that only authorized individuals get access to the data or insights generated from the data using their Einstein Copilot.

These and several other functional strengths of Einstein Copilot are department/team agnostic and can help a variety of professionals within a business increase their productivity. Salesforce also suggests several team-specific (and business-specific) ways Copilot can increase their productivity, like financial institutions creating custom onboarding plans, marketing professionals consolidating customer data/profiles, and developers generating more efficient code alternatives. But the most promising part is that it’s still early days when it comes to Einstein Copilot. As the tool matures and more Salesforce clients start using it, we may learn several new ways it can increase productivity for businesses.

Boosting Sales With Einstein Copilot

Enhancing productivity is itself a great way to boost sales for any business. If a business’s employees can finish up their routine tasks faster, they can be directed to more growth-oriented activities and projects. A few other ways Einstein Copilot may help a business boost its sales are:

  • Copilot can summarize sales summaries for relevant professionals, giving them real-time and usable access to important data related to sales, which can significantly increase upsell, cross-sale, and repeat sale opportunities.
  • Copilot can also help blend customer information, purchase patterns, market data, and other relevant data streams to generate critical and useful insights for sales professionals, making their pitches, recommendations, and proposals more potent and more likely to convert.
  • Einstein Copilot can help businesses/customer service professionals solve problems and answer the queries of their customers (existing and potential) faster, which leads to trust-building between customers and businesses, increasing sales potential.
  • The Copilot can help businesses automate the process of generating and sharing promotions and deals with customers, and with the right presets in place, it can help increase sales for any business.
  • Customized communication with customers can help develop better business relationships and increase the lifetime value of customers with more sales.

The opportunities to improve sales with Einstein Copilot may differ among businesses, and they may leverage different strengths of this AI assistant to boost their sales.

Do You Need To Find Salesforce Developers And Hire Salesforce Programmers/Engineers To Fully Leverage The Power of Einstein Copilot?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Einstein Copilot is developed to be intuitive enough that you may not need to find Salesforce developers for onboarding and training but you can make the onboarding much faster by doing so. You can also find Salesforce developers to develop a comprehensive AI strategy (or modify an existing one) and ensure the Einstein Copilot syncs with your business’s overall AI transformation plan.

Final Words

As a business owner using Salesforce, it’s important to understand that even though Einstein Copilot may seem like a way to boost your sales and productivity right now, it will become a necessity in the months to come. AI-enhanced service and business practices may transform customer management and expectations, so it’s prudent to be an early bird in this regard and start using the tool in your day-to-day operations. This will give you more time to learn how to leverage its strength for your specific business sales and productivity needs.