Learn how the iA Impact Analysis solution revolutionizes maintenance procedures

Roadmap of iA Impact Analysis Solution: Revolutionizing Maintenance Procedures

In the ever-evolving landscape of IBMi systems, efficient maintenance procedures are essential for businesses to ensure optimal performance and smooth operations. However, in the past, developers faced numerous challenges when analyzing and managing IBMi systems. These challenges included time-consuming manual processes, unreliable results, and limited visibility into dependencies and relationships.

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Programmers.io embarked on a four-year journey to develop the iA Impact Analysis product. In this article, we will explore the roadmap of iA and how it revolutionizes maintenance procedures, offering developers a powerful tool to overcome traditional limitations.

Developers’ Perspective:

To gain deeper insights into the challenges developers faced in the past and understand the true impact of the iA Impact Analysis solution, we turn to our own team of developers who have embarked on a transformative journey. One such developer is John, a seasoned Programmers.io expert who graciously shares his firsthand experience with us.

“In the past, maintaining and analyzing IBMi systems was a daunting task. We relied on manual processes that consumed a significant amount of time and often yielded unreliable results. It was a challenge to understand the complex web of dependencies and relationships within the application. However, with the introduction of iA Impact Analysis product, everything changed. We now have a comprehensive solution that simplifies the analysis process, saves time, and provides accurate insights. It has truly transformed our approach to maintenance procedures.”

Phase I: Simplifying Analysis with Essential Features

The journey of our iA Impact Analysis solution began with Phase I, where the focus was on simplifying analysis and empowering developers with essential features. Traditional methods relied on manual searches and laborious code reviews.

However, with features like Source Scan, Source Location, and “Where Used” analysis for objects, file fields, and variables, iA significantly streamlined the analysis process. Developers could now quickly locate specific code elements, understand their usage, and gain a comprehensive view of the application’s dependencies.

Phase II: Web-Based Transformation and Enhanced Capabilities

In Phase II, Programmers.io took the iA Impact Analysis product to the next level by transforming it into a web-based version, eliminating the need for additional software or hardware. This transformation made the tool accessible and user-friendly for developers of all skill levels.

In addition, new features like “Where Use” of SQL members, reference-driven mechanism, source object mapping, and imported/exported procedure lists were introduced. These enhancements expanded the scope of analysis, providing developers with deeper insights into the application structure and its intricate relationships.

Phase III: Advanced Features for Comprehensive Analysis

As we progress on our journey, Phase III of the iA Impact Analysis solution focused on introducing advanced features to facilitate a comprehensive analysis experience. Understanding the importance of a holistic view of applications, we introduced key features like “List of Objects,” “Hierarchy Structure Diagram,” “Object Context Matrix,” and “Where Procedure is Used.”

These powerful additions empower developers with an all-encompassing perspective on object relationships, dependencies, and program flow. Armed with this newfound clarity, developers can now make well-informed decisions during maintenance procedures, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy throughout the development process.

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Final Word

The iA Impact Analysis solution is transforming maintenance procedures, ushering in a new era for developers working with IBMi systems. The roadmap of our iA Impact Analysis product signifies a paradigm shift in how developers approach maintenance procedures for IBMi systems. In the past, they encountered numerous hurdles, relying on manual processes and grappling with the complexities of intricate dependencies. As the Roadmap of iA shows, developers can now navigate maintenance tasks with ease and efficiency, leaving behind the challenges of the past.

Our revolutionary iA solution has brought about a paradigm shift in IBMi maintenance procedures, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Through its innovative features, iA simplifies the analysis process, saves valuable time, and delivers accurate insights into dependencies, relationships, and program flow. John and other developers have firsthand experience with the transformative power of iA, witnessing how it streamlines their approach to maintenance procedures and enhances overall efficiency.

With its advanced features, the iA Impact Analysis solution empowers developers to overcome traditional limitations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and the overall success of IBMi system maintenance. As we continue to innovate and develop iA, the future holds even more promise for revolutionizing maintenance procedures in the IBMi ecosystem.