PHP Perfect Choice for Startups

Reasons Why PHP is the Perfect Choice for Startups

The world of technology is changing around us and most new startups realize that to be successful, they need to incorporate technology within the core of their processes. The use of technology not only makes processes better but also helps improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Keeping in mind the importance of technology around us and the rapid pace of tech advancements, one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur has to make when setting up their startup is to find the right technology. The technology you choose right at the start of your business’s journey sticks with you for long and is not easily reversible. The costs of changing a technology are often too expensive for startup owners to fund.

In this article, we look at the programming language PHP and understand reasons why it is the perfect choice for new entrepreneurs and organizations. Stick with us for more.

What PHP is a great choice for startup owners looking to build their own static websites with a dynamic front. The ease of convenience and usability offered by the platform is why most industries such as media agencies, advertising and marketing are choosing PHP as the language of their choice.

Reasons Why PHP is Perfect for Startups

Almost 80 percent of the design elements and content you see on the internet today is powered by PHP. PHP also allows for social media integration and works well with search engines.

Below, we look at some reasons why PHP is the ideal choice for startups.

PHP has a Huge Standard Library

Running and starting an online business are no mean feats in the competitive online business environment of today. Besides other things, you have to maintain sheer grit and determination to present your business in the best manner possible to other customers around you.

However, you don’t have anything to worry about here. Running your website on PHP is the best decision you can make in regards with your business, as the language has a huge standard library and takes support from URL parsing, HTTP fetching and database drivers to name a few. Startup users get great utility through these measures as they can save time and money on the platform.

PHP is Open-Source and Saves Money

Perhaps the most important factor attracting entrepreneurs and developers to PHP is that it is available for free in an open-source network. PHP does not require any license fee and comes without any downloading requirements. The programming language is up for grabs by the general public under its public license.

Besides the evident cost savings, the PHP network is also host to a developing community of international developers and programmers. What this means is that the programming language experiences innovation and improvements in a periodic manner and there is an impressive pool of facilities available to new entrepreneurs.

PHP Saves Time

Time and money are the two most important factors for entrepreneurs today. While PHP already saves you money, as discussed above, it also saves you time. PHP is known as an object-oriented language, because of which experienced PHP developers can reuse codes when required.

The reusable components and codes within PHP allow you to save time and effort. A number of web frameworks are based on PHP, including WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, Symfony and CodeIgniter. Almost all of these frameworks make the development process easier and save time.

PHP Comes with a Flexible Code

The versatility and flexibility offered by PHP works in the favor of most new startup entrepreneurs and developers. PHP code is flexible in nature and can be used across all major platforms including Linux, MacOS, Windows and Unix. Additionally, PHP can support almost all servers including Apache, Netscape, iPlanet, Xitami, Microsoft IIS, Tornado and Caudium etc.

PHP is also known to provide the same level of support to almost 20 databases, including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and others of the nature. This is one reason why startups looking to scale their operations overtime can benefit from PHP in the long run.

Easily Scalable

Carrying on from where we left off in our previous point, PHP development services and programs are easy to scale and grow with size. Startups do not have the budget to create their full application in one go, which is why it is recommended that IT solutions be made in parts than in one single go. PHP can work wonders here as it allows organizations and startups to develop scalable IT solutions in iterations and small baby steps.

The PHP code it itself defined by excellent documentation and transparent methods. Users can easily understand the workings of the code without much ado.

Easy to Maintain

Lastly, organizations and startups should opt for PHP because it is easy to maintain and update. PHP code can easily be modified without any major changes. Developers don’t face issues in maintaining and updating projects based on PHP. Codes on PHP can be cost-effectively adjusted to the business requirements of the organization in context.

The phenomenal growth of PHP in recent years has opened new doors of opportunity and allowed organizations to experiment with solutions. PHP is perfect for developing tech savvy apps and providing simple CRM solutions to new businesses.