The Best PHP Frameworks to Go For in Your Next Project

PHP is growing in popularity and is rated among the most essential and popular programming languages in the world today. Developers and programmers should explore and develop their understanding of PHP as a programming language and delve deep into the feasibility and functionality that it has to offer.

PHP frameworks give users the ability and the tools needed to develop a decent application, which is both effective in its approach and efficient in its operations.

PHP frameworks help organizations work on and prioritize their PHP development operations and process. A good PHP framework can give developers the flexibility they need for smooth operations and a quality end result.

In this article, we delve deep into the world of PHP frameworks and study some of the best frameworks you can implement within your next project. The information provided in this article can help you choose a good framework and also introduce you to the best of what PHP has to offer.

Reasons to Use a PHP Framework

Before we help you select the best PHP framework, let us first look at the reasons why you should use a PHP framework. The idea behind using a PHP framework is to benefit from the exemplary processes in play and the smoothness in operations.

Some of the reasons why you should select a PHP Framework are:

  • Most developers can use a PHP framework because they won’t have much code to write in one. A PHP framework comes with a number of functions that are built-in within the application and can make operations easier for all concerned.
  • You can speed up your development work using a PHP framework and can code quicker than usual. You can test code routinely and speed up operations in the process.
  • Most PHP frameworks come with extensive libraries, which help you increase the pace at which you work. These libraries are equipped with the best tools and simplify the coding process.
  • PHP frameworks are relatively easier to work on and maintain. Your team can focus on the core codes behind the process and develop effective practices that are easier to meet.

PHP Frameworks You Should Consider in 2022

Having discussed the reasons why you should use PHP frameworks, we now look at the best PHP frameworks you should consider in 2022. There are multiple PHP frameworks available in the market today, and the ones mentioned below, stand out because of the services they offer. Let us look at the best PHP frameworks and why you should consider them.


Laravel is the first framework on our list and takes inspiration from another framework by the name of CodeIgniter. Laravel is a unique PHP framework that looks to add multiple elements in one solution.

Laravel is open-source in nature and free to use for all. We like the following things about Laravel:

  • Developers can extend the framework further by using all repositories, such as the Packalyst repository.
  • The ecosystem considers multiple extensions and runs with them on board. Users can add OAuth authentication and others into the mix for a brilliant experience.
  • Laravel provides amazing security as well. The additional protection is what makes it stand out in the market.

Laravel is best suited for developers who want to entirely work within the PHP network. Laravel works well for complex apps as well and can make them less complicated.


CakePHP offers a different dynamic than the vast ecosystem offered by Laravel. CakePHP is slimmed down in nature, and the only downside against it is you cannot eat it.

CakePHP stands out for the following reasons:

  • The platform is extremely simple to use and operate. You can operate CakePHP with a simple web server.
  • The CakePHP design comes with an in-built Object-Relational Mapper or ORM. This type of mapping can help you store different types of values in one place.
  • The CakePHP mechanism comes with multiple components and helpers to organize common and mundane tasks.

CakePHP can be the best framework for newbies because it makes operations on the platform easier. The framework can be decent for bigger projects as well.


CodeIgniter might come with a limited digital footprint, but it packs a number of loyal users and champions within a few web pages.

The setup time for CodeIgniter is fairly limited because the framework itself is fairly small and limited. Developers working on rapid development might be glad to hear this because this can help improve the app architecture. CodeIgniter comes with ready-to-go settings, which can save time.

Laminas Project

Laminas Project acts as a replacement for the Zend framework and is based on GitHub. The framework is super-fast in nature and can speed up multiple tasks, which you previously thought were hard to manage.

The Laminas Project follows the best tips in the park and is based on the best practices possible. Laminas is also flexible in nature and allows PHP developers to experiment based on their preferences, rather than playing within closed borders.

The Laminas Project is also the right framework for you, if you want to move to another framework in the future. The Laminas Project can make all such movements easy and provides a distinct roadmap for future growth and solutions.

PHP frameworks offer all developers a powerful way to develop and deploy perfect solutions. The solutions provided in the framework are permanent in nature and can be used for multiple technologies at one time.