• Industry: Technology
  • Headquartered: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Platforms: SQL Server, .NET framework
  • Team Size: 8 with 6 developers and 2 QAs

The Client

is a software company that specializes in cloud-based software solutions and services for small and medium-sized businesses.

For 30+ years, it has assisted over 16,000 global customers in building and construction, field services, and manufacturing.

The Challenge

The client’s ERP system managed numerous requests from existing and new customers. Manual data handling often led to human-prone errors. They wanted to add new features and functionalities to minimize errors and streamline the process.

The software did not work on many modern platforms since it integrated third-party technologies based on the legacy .NET Framework 4.5 and SQL server. Some legacy ActiveX controls also needed to be replaced as they no longer worked on modern browsers.

It had persistent SSRS reporting timeout issues, bugs, and defects that required fixing. However, the client lacked reproducible steps, domain knowledge, and product version variations, which increased the bug reproduction time in the development environment.

The tech we used for our solution

Our software architects and engineers are experts in using the latest technologies.

  • SQL LiteSQL Lite
  • AngularJSAngularJS
  • Rest APIRest API
  • MS Visual StudioMS Visual Studio
  • PostmanPostman
  • SQL ServerSQL Server
  • SwaggerSwagger
  • Team CityTeam City
  • Web FormsWeb Forms
  • Web ServicesWeb Services
  • Installed ShieldInstalled Shield

The Solution

We started by adding the required features and resolving their defects.

Collaboration and Ownership

We discussed and validated modifications directly with the customer. As a result, procedural adjustments aligned with the client's expectations and goals.

New Feature Integration

By integrating modern features like API for the Purchase Order, AP Workbench, and AR Workbench into their ERP system, our developers streamlined data management processes.

Software Update

We upgraded legacy plug-ins and tools. We also analyzed the huge codebase comprising 600 DLLs projects and updated .NET framework 4.5 to the latest 4.8.1 version.

Bug/Defect Elimination

We conducted a product backlog item (PBI) analysis to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and improvement areas. Based on the analysis, they made timely modifications and created different hotfixes containing specific DLL versions for each version-specific product.

Addressed Security Concerns

Existing tech debts in the current ERP solution were identified, prompting upgrades to the .NET framework, enhancements to prevent CSRF and XSS abuse, mitigation of SQL injection risks, and improvements in authorization checks and validation of redirecting URLs to authorized pages.

Our Modern Solution Demonstrates a Strategic and Collaborative Approach

to increase efficiency and streamline collaboration for enhanced quality assurance.

  • billing-cycles

    Reduced risks of cybercriminal activities

  • billing-cycles

    Minimized bug recurrence

  • billing-cycles

    Increased productivity

Here’s how we did it

  • Improve the user’s experience

    with modern and robust features that streamline data entry and management.

  • Ensure cross-platform usability

    by upgrading legacy add-ons and tools within the existing ERP system.

  • Create smooth and secure operations

    by removing bugs/errors and implementing hotfixes.

  • Enhance performance

    with optimized workflows, simplified procedures, and focused enhancements.


Client Testimonials

Our clients share their experiences with Reach out to a platform trusted by businesses seeking quality over quantity.

  • I wanted to take a moment to highlight and commemorate the efforts from our dedicated PIO team. To preface, the projects we work on here are complex, with rigid objectives, budgets, and timelines. Expectations are always high and are ever-changing. From the start of our relationship, the IO team was able to exceed expectations and make our business wishes a reality.

    ‐ Project Manager
  • Over the past year I have worked with them, they have worked very hard to understand our highly customized system and troubleshoot things with little or no documentation while managing to keep the business up and running normally. Without the hard work and dedication they have shown, I know we would have had some issues causing downtime or lost production. I am looking forward to continuing working them in the next year as well.

    ‐ Information Technology Supervisor
  • I have been working with Programmers IO for more than 5 years now and I have been pleased with all projects and developers that I have worked with. We have had a few issues here and there but they have always fixed and made it right. They have been an excellent addition to our business.

    ‐ Director Of Development
Ken Stewart, PMP, CSM

Vice President Of Operations & Engineering

PSIGEN Software INC.

Brandy Churchill

Software Development Manager

Western National Insurance

Jackie Flummer

Director, Technical Business Systems


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