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The Top Tech Trends to Expect in 2022

The tech world is changing and moving forwards on the back of advances in data analysis needs, hardware development and software progression. The need for sustainability in tech has resulted in a number of new trends in the industry, with a number of new technologies making their presence felt around us.

The tech world has also seen unprecedented growth on the back of the move towards the hybrid and online working model. COVID-19 restrictions have meant that many organizations have now gone completely hybrid and rely on these solutions for growth.

Although the limited tech progression during COVID restrictions led to a stall of sorts in 2020, 2021 saw unprecedented growth and success. Programmers brings you innovative technologies to look around for in 2022.

Cyber Security to be powered by AI

The world around us has seen a steep increase in the number of email phishing scams, cyber-attacks and ransomware attacks. The rise in all such attacks has forced cyber security firms and other cohorts to look for tech solutions that can not only reduce these vulnerabilities but can also help meet user requirements.

Cyber criminals are on the rise today and are attacking individual bank accounts, company systems and country infrastructures. Cyber attacks are leaking millions of dollars in losses every year, with the need for a more comprehensive security system around us.

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Artificial intelligence has come to the fore here, as it provides a new system for protection against hackers. The system works on a real-time basis and provides threat mitigation from damages that might be inflicted by hackers in the world today. Work towards AI integration in cyber security has already started, and there has been significant progress towards widespread implementation of the solution.

5G Tech Adoption

5G technology has been around for some time but is expected to outgrow all previous expectations this year. Recent research published by Statista has revealed that 5G subscriptions are bound to cross one billion this year.

5G is a step above 4G and is expected to improve upload and download speeds by over 100 times. The innovation will help provide better speed for providers and will boost the implementation of IoT systems. With the internet becoming faster and even more accessible with 5G, the internet of things will become more widespread and common for the common people around us.


Facebook recently changed its name to Meta, which further accredits the rise of the Metaverse. The Metaverse is known as the next evolution in the world of social connectivity and will help create new social bonds.

The Metaverse, at its core, is a 3D space, which users can log into and create social avatars that they socialize through. These avatars work, shop, socialize, play games and collaborate independently. The Metaverse is expected to go live this year, with many organizations emptying their banks in investments circling around virtual reality, social networking and a lot more.

Blockchain Technology

After years of association with the crypto world and uncertainty surrounding its implementation, blockchain technology has finally come of age to be ranked among the most expected tech trends to expect in 2022. Blockchain is basically a distributed ledger that helps in encryption, decentralized payments and gaming.

One of the tech trends you can expect from blockchain technology in 2022 is the use of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. NFTs allow creators to monetize digital work and sell cryptocurrencies in return for the work. The ledger feature for blockchain is also secure in nature and is being used to store medical data and records pertaining to each individual in each ledger.

Clean Technology

The growing requirement for sustainable living has led to the development of a number of cleantech resources that help generate energy. These new tech resources are an upgrade over the invasive and damaging procedures of energy production back in the day.

Cleantech is focused on reducing the environmental strain of technologies on the planet and helps introduce a number of new and refined tech improvements.

Cleantech has utilized renewable sources of energy to create sustainable energy production. Renewable sources of energy include solar power, wind and hydroelectric sources. Some of the top implementations of cleantech, which are expected to grow further in 2022, include electric vehicles, electric motors, rechargeable batteries, biofuel-powered generators, waste management and solar panel development.

Collaborative Technologies

A number of employees couldn’t work from the office due to the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies shifted their focus towards remote work to help make sure that they follow a collaborative mechanism focused on employee engagement across the board.

Some of the best collaborative technologies come from Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and others of the nature. Both Microsoft and Google offer integration, messaging, voice calling, video conferencing, and project management in one place for a complete digital workplace. Collaborative technologies are set to grow further in 2022, with organizations selecting remote work and the hybrid model for a more consistent period.

The world of technology is moving forward at a breakneck pace and we have seen major investments geared towards tech prowess. Besides the trends mentioned above, we will see trends geared towards online health checkups, AI, ML and e-education.