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Software Development Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2022

2021 is coming to its end, and we can safely say that the world is progressing to a post-pandemic period. COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown have significantly impacted all walks of life and have seriously impacted almost all avenues of life around us.

Software development is one avenue that has seen a major disruption during the last couple of years as the world proceeds towards an online form of communication. Societal and technological needs around us are driving the changes we see around us today. For instance, updates on the blockchain are driven by the need for businesses to execute contracts in a secure manner.

Moreover, the emergence of ethical AI and the use of artificial intelligence as a whole are also driving trends forward in a positive manner. Many companies around us today are embracing digital acceleration. While no one has a crystal ball to predict what 2022 will be like, we sure can make our assumptions.

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In this article, we take a look at some of the defining software development trends to keep an eye on in 2022. The world around us is moving forward by leaps and bounds and we must follow suit.

Rise in Low-Code/No-Code Development

With many organizations today developing their own software applications and programs, the need for software engineers has fast outpaced their ability in the market. This means that low-code/no-code LCNC programming has become a necessity for organizations to move forward with new initiatives and create new programs.

An LCNC program allows developers and individuals with no direct experience in software development the ability to create their own databases and other applications managed through agile operations. This ability is becoming more comprehensive over time and is expected to grow in 2022 and beyond.

Reasons to adopt Agile Software Development

Use of Blockchain

While blockchain technology finds its primary use in the world of cryptocurrencies, it has other potential uses as well. The use of blockchains is expected to speed up over time as organizations look to incorporate smart contracts within their software applications. The meteoric rise in the use of blockchain technology will unearth the true value of the platform and will make development easier for all involved.

Additional Emphasis on Cloud

2022 is bound to see an additional emphasis on the cloud software. Both 2020 and 2021 saw the world shift towards the cloud to either scale up or down as per their requirements. While some industries and organizations thrived because of this move, there were others that saw a sharp decline in demand and performance.

Companies with cloud-based platforms and a digital presence avoided having to pay extra for data services they did not require. A number of other companies recognize the potential of moving to the cloud and how it can improve performance for the time to come.

The emphasis on the cloud is backed by solid AI analysis. Edge computing and real-time analysis require data to move through the cloud on a real-time basis, something that modern organizations surviving on data now realize.

The Growth of AI

Artificial Intelligence has been knocking on the doors of software development for a long time now, and the integration is bound to actualize within 2022. Companies with AI-driven capabilities are bound to succeed in the post-pandemic era, as consumers have come to appreciate the use of automation and technology around them.

The use of AI in NLP is under discussion here, as it encourages computers and software development programs to write down text and code by themselves. National Language Processing is in the works currently and is already being used by many developers.

The Rise of JavaScript and Python

Programming languages that are relatively easy to learn and use are gaining ascendency today. Many organizations today prioritize languages that are easy to work on and those which their developers can work on without a problem.

Python is extensively used in applications of data sciences today and is also a prominent language used for software development. JavaScript also remains the first choice for beginner level developers as it gives excellent output without much knowledge.

Expansion of IoT

IoT or the Internet of Things is expected to achieve massive progression during 2022. IoT is rapidly expanding to see use cases across multiple industries such as agriculture, shipping, healthcare and manufacturing. The technology is contributing to the growth of the modern world and is expected to do so in 2022 as well.

Increasing Importance of UX

Software development has gone beyond simple functionality. Organizations today require usability as well and that comes from a better user experience. Regardless of the complexity and the size of the application, users must be able to easily use them. Hence, user experience is a major driver today and will continue to determine how companies design their services and programs for the future.

Rise of Native App Development

Native app development is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in 2022. Given the booming mobile application industry and the proliferation of devices, native apps are becoming extremely necessary.

Software development teams are opting for native app development frameworks and models in a bid to achieve better performance and greater flexibility. This means that organizations now create two or more versions of the same application to make the user experience better over different devices.

With all these new trends and progression, 2022 is expected to be the year of change and development. Organizations should fasten their seat belts for the exhilarating experience that is to come.