Launches iA Impact Analysis for IBM i Systems

Dallas, TX, June 21, 2023, a leading US-based IT service and software development company and registered business partner of IBM, announces the official launch of iA Impact Analysis on June 21st. This groundbreaking solution provides swift and agile analysis for even the most outdated IBM i systems, providing a game-changing advantage to professionals in the IBM i community.

Anshul Choudhry, Founder and President of, expressed his vision for empowering IBM i users, stating, “Our goal is to equip individuals with the best tools and a skilled team when working with IBM i. We believe our tool, iA Impact Analysis, will simplify work processes and help people better understand the system.”

Kip Kugler, Senior Vice President of Sales, further added, “After three years of rigorous research and development, we are excited to get iA Impact Analysis into the hands of the IBM i community, offering a comprehensive solution to the daily challenges faced by IBM i professionals.” With its unparalleled capabilities, iA for IBM i delivers prompt and accurate estimates, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Leveraging cutting-edge iA technology, the analysis process is accelerated by an impressive 85% while improving accuracy levels by up to 95%. This quick and precise analysis provides more accurate effort estimations, enhancing project planning and execution at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

The iA solution reduces the development time needed on IBM i applications while making them more accessible to users with limited IBM i system experience. iA Impact Analysis offers a robust suite of advanced capabilities designed to streamline application understanding and maintenance, making them faster, easier, and more efficient. Key features include creating a ‘List of Objects’ and identifying where it is used, ‘Source Scan’ and ‘Source Location’ functionalities, as well as ‘File Field’ details and ‘Where Files are Used.

What sets iA Impact Analysis apart is its unique repository that allows users to add selected libraries, providing exceptional flexibility. Furthermore, the powerful ‘Hierarchy Structure Diagram’ offers a visual representation of hierarchical relationships between objects within the application, facilitating simplified forward and backward navigation.

Experience faster, more accurate, and more efficient analysis of your IBM i systems with iA for IBM i. To learn more about the remarkable capabilities of iA Impact Analysis and how it can drive your business forward, visit the official website at:

Phone: 800-600-5822