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Our CRM development services include CRM integration with social media platforms (social CRM), Salesforce Automation (SFA) software, and other 3rd party systems. Get integrated systems for pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, territory management, ticketing systems automation, and more.

Why CRM Development For Your Project?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Software revolutionizes and empowers businesses through the four phases of customer relationship: marketing, customer acquisition, customer relationship, loss/churn.

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Software revolutionizes and empowers businesses through the four phases of customer relationship: marketing, customer acquisition, customer relationship, loss/churn. CRM software solutions uses automated systems to gather and analyze data. The three types of CRM improve targeted marketing, help turn a prospect into a sale, brand and bring back customers and improve relationships with high-value customers to reduce churn.

If you are wondering what the three types of CRM software are and which to use, keep reading.

The Importance of Customer Relationship Management

In 2017, IBM estimated that CRM software would be a $40 million + business because CRM systems offer so many powerful tools to companies. From gathering information for target customers, to providing automated emailing and scheduling and data snapshots, CRM has increased productivity of teams by over 50%, reduced labor costs for many companies by 40%, increased sales quotas by as much as 65% and improved customer satisfaction by 74%. Its efficacy proves its value. Customers appreciate tools that ease their access to goods and services. They develop brand loyalty, returning and recommending their favorite brands, and when they are dissatisfied, CRM can identify the causes and help companies win back customers.

Reasons to use a CRM system

  • To gather a comprehensive customer history
  • To hone your products and market the most desirable versions
  • To improve your services
  • To help you optimize conversions from prospect to buyer
  • To help you acquire new customers through targeted data analysis
  • To build brand awareness
  • To save you time with automate services and data reporting
  • To increase productivity and sales
  • To boost your brand
  • To train human employees
  • To reduce cost across all phases of customer relationship

Three Types of CRM Software

  • Operational CRMs
  • Analytical CRMs
  • Collaborative CRMs

Operational CRM

Operational CRMs assists with day-to-day customer operations such as marketing, sales and customer service. The first of two subcategories is marketing. Marketing CRM automates portions of the marketing phase such as gathering prospect contact data and initiating email campaigns. The second of the two subcategories is salesforce CRM. It helps you manage pipelines, nurture new leads, acquire customers and complete on-boarding. For example, salesforce may track lead contacts and a prospect’s stages of completion after initial inquiry through sale.

When You Need Operational CRM

If you company has faced problems needing complex solutions such as high customer turnover, high service cost or high call volume, operational CRM tools such as AI to automate solutions like quick access to information.

Collaborative or Service CRM

Designed to elevate customer communication, Collaborative CRM tracks and shares customer data across many facets of your operations: from marketing managers to support personnel to vendors and suppliers. It also automates emails, texts and phone help lines, allowing for customer preference. It improves consistency for the customer and streamlines workflow for team members. Human to human contact may be maximized with the improved processes. These CRMs enable companies to track and share customer data with everyone from vendors and suppliers to tech support and marketing managers.

A strong internal information pipeline strengthens the relationships and provide a seamless experience for teams and customers.

When You Need Collaborative CRM

Inevitably, business hand off customers and processes along the four phases of marketing, acquiring, and maintaining customers. Friction mostly likely emerges in these transitions. Timelines for the market department must enhance sales efforts. Sales reports must be accurately and appropriately delivered to support staff. Internal operations, such as expense reports and basic staff needs must be completed on deadline. Using a common platform that manages processes creates efficiency and accuracy. Collaborative CRM automates the routine back-office processes and customer interactions. In turn your staff can focus on your business’ objectives and improve profit margins.

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRMs mine data for new opportunities and for performance trends. It eases the processes customer acquisition and retention as it tracks customer engagement data.

The three main functions of an analytical CRM system are:

  • Customer Acquisition: Transforming prospects into customers and upselling where possible.
  • Customer Retention: Building brand reliability with happy, repeat customers.
  • Managing Data: Tracking customer interactions and identify unexpected trends to can improve your bottom line.

The more data you can gather, the better you can analyze consumer behaviors, patterns, and loss/churn points. Large datasets improve marketing targets, help you determine sales strategies, identify pipeline problems in the support, supplier or vendor chains, and anticipate forces that can become problems for your customers.

When You Need Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM is the unseen force that can drive improvement in customer relationships. If your marketing misses its targets, if sales trends do not consistently rise, if you lose customers or see churn, analytical CRM will provide insights into demographics, individual patterns and customer behavior. Information will lead to insight and help you improve products, services and support. The volume and quality of data you expose yourself to increase precision. Along with a well-developed feedback loop with robust granularity, you will improve accuracy and results in your decision-making process. Data from customers is only the surface. Data from sales, marketing, and all aspect of the customer relationship cycle improves productivity and your bottom line.

Deciding Which Type of CRM is Best for You

Each of these functions – operations, collaboration, analytics – provides critical tools. Why choose? Many CRM software platforms incorporate all three. Programmers.io will help you determine what elements you need, what to emphasize and diminish to help you solve the problems. Choosing CRM software that fits your business will make such a dramatic change, you will wonder how you operated before you used it. The digital economy is expanding and changing rapidly. CRM software will keep your business processes nimble, adaptable, ready to capitalize in spite of change and deeply connected to your customers.

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