• Industry: Transportation
  • Headquartered: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Platforms: SAP, EDI, ERP Framework
  • Team Size: 6 developers, 2 QAs

The Client

has been a renowned leader in the transportation and logistics industry for over eight decades and boasts an extensive network of service centers and cutting-edge equipment.

Specializing in less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, they offer cost-effective, efficient, and prompt transportation solutions across North America.

The Challenge

The client faced significant challenges within their Development (DEV) process due to a high volume of incident test requests, including application modification, enhancement, bug fixes, and research, often requiring a rapid return by the development team. This influx of tasks spanned various departments, such as Linehaul, Finance, Pricing, SAP, and EDI.

Several programs lacked documentation, and the operational landscape involved multiple interconnected systems within an ERP framework. This complexity demanded research and analysis before implementing new functionality to integrate and mitigate potential impacts on other networked systems.

Coordinated and thorough testing was needed to ensure the applications within the DEV process functioned across various operating systems, browsers, and devices to support the integrity and functionality of the client's systems.

The tech we used for our solution

Our software architects and engineers are experts in using the latest technologies.

  • IBM AS400IBM AS400
  • AldonAldon
  • HawkeyeHawkeye
  • KronosKronos
  • PostmanPostman
  • X-AnalysisX-Analysis

The Solution

We worked together to execute a targeted strategy to improve analysis and optimize development processes for efficient delivery.

Operational Automation

We developed programs for equipment (trailers, trucks, and jiff locks) and driver operations. We created an automated process that simplifies inbound and outbound operations. Our approach minimized the effort to change all programs during a pilot vend or change and standardized the tractor number from seven to thirteen characters.

Precision Solution

Operational data prevented exact customer payable calculation; we offered an override option to ensure the precise payout of negotiated incentives, loading, and unloading allowances. The development team also updated reports on open invoices, returned checks, and more, with the possibility of emailing results in an Excel format. These reports streamlined information gathering and provided user-ready data swiftly.

Performance Optimization

We reduced table sizes and improved product performance by analyzing the purge program logic for the 699 Tariff and creating a new program for the 690 Tariff. They saved records older than 18 months in the ARCHIVE library and purged them from DTALIB. Additionally, a new feature allows users to email overcharge claim responses directly, eliminating the need for postal mailing. The team also addressed sequence number limitations in production programs to prevent crashes.

Time Tracking

We implemented a dormakaba time clock system where drivers punch in at the start and out at the end of their shifts. The program captures time zone details and daylight-saving time status and converts GMT to local time for every punch based on the driver's home base location, regardless of their swipe location.

Our solution delivered quality excellence

as it helped the in-house team optimize and simplify testing processes.

  • billing-cycles

    Increased the client's software quality.

  • billing-cycles

    Reduced testing time and increased release counts.

Here’s how we did it

  • Tackled critical financial records to streamline processes

    with specialized expertise to enhance overall efficiency.

  • Provided a thorough analysis, design, and development of ERP tasks

    for effective development with well-structured analysis documents.

  • Examined tasks and functional areas

    to identify process improvements and pinpoint inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and enhancement opportunities.

  • Collaborated with the client to discuss and validate proposed changes

    to ensure alignment with the objectives and expectations of the QA process.

  • Implemented changes to enhance QA efficiency,

    including revised testing methodologies, optimized workflows, and streamlined processes.

  • Utilized a system-wide production analysis

    to address and resolve recurring issues that were encountered daily.


Client Testimonials

Our clients share their experiences with Reach out to a platform trusted by businesses seeking quality over quantity.

  • I wanted to take a moment to highlight and commemorate the efforts from our dedicated PIO team. To preface, the projects we work on here are complex, with rigid objectives, budgets, and timelines. Expectations are always high and are ever-changing. From the start of our relationship, the IO team was able to exceed expectations and make our business wishes a reality.

    ‐ Project Manager
  • Over the past year I have worked with them, they have worked very hard to understand our highly customized system and troubleshoot things with little or no documentation while managing to keep the business up and running normally. Without the hard work and dedication they have shown, I know we would have had some issues causing downtime or lost production. I am looking forward to continuing working them in the next year as well.

    ‐ Information Technology Supervisor
  • I have been working with Programmers IO for more than 5 years now and I have been pleased with all projects and developers that I have worked with. We have had a few issues here and there but they have always fixed and made it right. They have been an excellent addition to our business.

    ‐ Director Of Development
Ken Stewart, PMP, CSM

Vice President Of Operations & Engineering

PSIGEN Software INC.

Brandy Churchill

Software Development Manager

Western National Insurance

Jackie Flummer

Director, Technical Business Systems


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