Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Industry: Retail and Consumer Goods
  • Headquartered: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • Platforms: IBMi/AS400, Salesforce
  • Team Size: 1 Developer and 1 QA Tester

The Client

is a trusted catalog and online retailer, delivering a premier consumer experience in wholesale, retail, and digital environments. They provide an extensive array of exclusive products for home and garden, health and beauty, as well as apparel and accessories, all available at affordable prices.

The Challenge

The client’s automated tax report using third-party API-integrated software resulted in users frequently experiencing accidental order placements and billing discrepancies, particularly with larger orders.

The third-party software could process only 50 item specifications for an order. This limited revision call capacity prevented efficient, error-free mass order processing.

The system automatically paused larger orders when it detected an error in tax calculations. To proceed with the fulfillment of the order, the client manually intervened to resolve these issues.

The tech we used for our solution

Our software architects and engineers are experts in using the latest technologies.

  • IBM i/AS400IBM i/AS400
  • Browser StackBrowser Stack
  • Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager
  • JiraJira
  • SalesforceSalesforce

The Solution

We followed a strategic approach to circumvent third-party program limitations.

Implement Adjustments

By carefully adjusting the program’s logic and functionality, the developers doubled the capacity of the software’s revision calls to enhance clarity in order features.

Automate Process

The team implemented an automated process that ensured larger orders could be processed seamlessly, averting potential hurdles associated with tax holds or billing inconsistencies.

Rigorous Test

We thoroughly tested the software’s performance by creating multiple orders with up to one hundred detail lines. The testing validated the solution’s effectiveness, even with the increased load of order details.

Our solution streamlined the efficiency of third-party software

because we could deliver a solution that addressed the issue with large orders.

  • billing-cycles

    2x revision call capacity

  • billing-cycles

    Annual ROI increased

Here’s how we did it

  • Enhanced order handling

    by enabling the software to accept up to 100 lines for an order to process larger and more complex purchases.

  • Reduced revenue risk

    by ensuring the software does not put orders on hold and encounter billing issues because of the program’s limitations.

  • Elevated operation efficiency

    by streamlining fulfillment with reduced manual interventions and adjustments when handling larger orders.

  • Increased scalability

    by eliminating software limitations for bulk orders; operations are scaled to accommodate business growth.


Client Testimonials

Our clients share their experiences with Reach out to a platform trusted by businesses seeking quality over quantity.

  • I wanted to take a moment to highlight and commemorate the efforts from our dedicated PIO team. To preface, the projects we work on here are complex, with rigid objectives, budgets, and timelines. Expectations are always high and are ever-changing. From the start of our relationship, the IO team was able to exceed expectations and make our business wishes a reality.

    ‐ Project Manager
  • Over the past year I have worked with them, they have worked very hard to understand our highly customized system and troubleshoot things with little or no documentation while managing to keep the business up and running normally. Without the hard work and dedication they have shown, I know we would have had some issues causing downtime or lost production. I am looking forward to continuing working them in the next year as well.

    ‐ Information Technology Supervisor
  • I have been working with Programmers IO for more than 5 years now and I have been pleased with all projects and developers that I have worked with. We have had a few issues here and there but they have always fixed and made it right. They have been an excellent addition to our business.

    ‐ Director Of Development
Ken Stewart, PMP, CSM

Vice President Of Operations & Engineering

PSIGEN Software INC.

Brandy Churchill

Software Development Manager

Western National Insurance

Jackie Flummer

Director, Technical Business Systems


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