Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks for 2022

Top JavaScript Frameworks for 2022

As there are a large number of frameworks and languages available in the software development community, engineers and programmers are spoiled for choice. The availability of multiple frameworks can also be a hassle as it is hard for programmers to identify an appropriate framework to work on.

We have made a list of the top 10 JavaScript frameworks for 2022 to help all our readers choose the best JavaScript frameworks for their application. All of these frameworks come with their own unique benefits and options, and can prove to be useful in the year to come.


The first to be mentioned in our list is EmberJS. EmberJS is the top choice of developers when it comes to applications and web apps that are both adaptable and flexible. The framework provides exceptional support to users, along with a simple UI. Developers can utilize the potential in EmberJS to devise and design entire tech stacks.

  • Ember JS is open-source, which means it is free to use for the general public and comes under the licensure of MIT.
  • The template for EmberJS can help with automated upgrades.
  • The framework comes with HTML and CSS incorporated within the UI.


ReactJS has come a long way in the recent past, ever since its launch some 20 years ago by Facebook. ReactJS comes with a ton of key features, including convenience while using Facebook, a number of components that can be reused, a fully saturated environment and the best possible customer support for users. ReactJS is a genuine fit for applications to be run on multiple platforms, including Facebook itself:

  • Comes with JSX for simple coding
  • Works with a one-way flow of data
  • There are multiple flows and controls.


VueJS is the preferred choice for many developers today because of both reactivity and TypeScript support. VueJS comes with exceptional versatility to meet the demands of all users of the framework. The framework can also assist in developing a prototype.

  • Comes with a virtual DOM to assist in coding
  • All templates present on VueJS are built using HTML
  • Effective data binding features


Angular is still one of the first frameworks that most JavaScript developers and programmers worked on. The framework comes with amazing functionality and introduces a number of new elements, such as MVC, typescript support, two-way data binding and CLI, among others. Many large-scale applications and programmers have used AngularJS and benefited from it.

  • Angular JS comes with two-way data binding to synchronize the flow of information
  • The framework offers directives in the basic model


Backbone JS is by far one of the most lightweight JavaScript libraries available to users today. The framework offers DOM with two-way binding. The framework also reduces the chances of messy code and comes with debugging for all.

  • The interface for Backbone JS can simplify the development of one-page applications
  • The app comes with views and numerous other building blocks for seamless coding
  • The library is open-source in nature, which makes it free to use for the general public


PolymerJS is the fastest custom development framework by JavaScript. The open-source library uses a number of components to offer a unique web development experience. The framework was released on GitHub and is free to use for all.

  • The interface for PolymerJS is the fastest among all JS frameworks
  • Polymer JS comes with a simplified customization model for all customers to use and benefit from
  • Polymer JS can help facilitate simplified mobile development.


Mithril JS may not be as popular as some of the other JavaScript libraries, but it is used for client-side web development. The development process for MithrilJS is purely documented, as the framework comes with a DOM tree.

  • MithrilJS does not require input from other libraries
  • Documentation isn’t auto-generated
  • All developers get access to code on the framework


Meteor.js is a commonly used back-end framework in JavaScript. The framework helps speed up the processing of back-end applications and helps build knowledge bases fast. Meteor allows front-end developers to work on the back-end and formulate plans. All of this is done without flipping between options like PHP, Python, etc.

  • Utilizes the same code regardless of what’s being developed.
  • Meteor provides full stack features.
  • Integrated live-browser reloading
  • js allows you to build real-time web apps from nothing.


Next.js is a framework built on React for the development of both single-page and multi-page applications in JavaScript. This open-source framework integrates the best web development practices into one place and helps developers build server-based applications.

  • Optimum server-side rendering with SEO backing
  • Easy data retrieval
  • Helps with automated code splitting


ExpressJS is the ideal option for Javascript developers searching for the best front-end framework in JavaScript. The framework is used to create web applications and is faster than many other JavaScript frameworks. It is also fast and lightweight in nature, and can be used for creating a number of mobile and web applications.

  • ExpressJS allows middleware to receive responses from HTTP requests
  • Allows rendering of HTML-centered pages
  • Offers web application functionality

There is no specific framework deemed best or well suited for your requirements, as selecting the ideal framework depends on your project requirements. However, it can be beneficial to separate the wheat from the chaff and know the platforms that you can trust in 2021.