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Top 8 Things to Know about .Net Development Platform

.Net Framework has been one of the best evolutions by Microsoft for web applications, desktop apps and website development. .Net developers and people who have been in constant connect with this platform already know that it has its own library of languages, framework and further developments. Beginners and business owners should know that from a simple architecture, .Net framework has evolved to a complete ecosystem providing support and development techniques for all kinds of applications. Here are top 8 things you should know about .Net Development before you hire expert .Net developers for your project.

8 Facts that .Net developer must know

1. .Net is no more for only windows applications

Yes, this is true, the .Net development platform now consists of .Net framework, .Net Core and Xamarin. .Net Core is one such platform that has its own .NET tools and Libraries that support the development for products which can be easily run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This cross build platform is open source and is free to use.

2. What is The .Net development Platform

The .Net Development Platform is any ecosystem which comprises of the .Net framework, .Net Core and Xamarin. All these have their own frameworks and libraries to develop various products/software.

3. Xamarin joined this platform in 2016

Xamarin was owned as a proprietary product by Microsoft, in 2016 it was acquired as a complete open source branch of the dot Net development platform. It uses the mono runtime and a version of the .NET Framework to work with APIs for iOS, Android, and Xamarin.Mac.

4. .Net Standard

Along with .Net Core another platform, .Net Standard was also introduced in 2016. It is basically a standard library which contains all the APIs listed in the entire .Net ecosystem. This helps the developers to use this single library rather than accessing three different libraries. This up gradation in the .Net development platform has made the system easier and quite efficient. As .Net Standard has unified the ecosystem it has improved consistency in cross platform development and reuse of various components.

5. About Visual Studio IDE

.Net Programmers know the importance of Visual Studio IDE. For those who do not know what Visual Studio IDE is, it is an integrated development environment which provides all the tools, debugging options for development across all the platforms including IOS and Android. The code written in different languages can also be compiled, run and debugged on IDE. It also provides various customization features according to user’s choices.

6. ASP.Net and automatic monitoring

The .Net framework has three application models PF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET Forms. Wherein PF and windows forms are used to create desktop applications, ASP.NET is used to develop dynamic websites and web applications. It has in built automatic monitoring system. The Windows Web Server monitors the web pages very closely and raises alerts regarding the issues captured. This ensures transparency and prompt troubleshooting, if any.

7. Robust Caching System

A caching system is important to store the data temporally and use it whenever required. .Net has a strong and reliable caching system that can be used in case of retrieving any previous information or duplicating any data. This in built caching system allows developers to create a custom cache which can be used for improving performance and scalability server applications.

8. Deployment and maintenance

Applications developed in dot Net Core can be easily deployed. You can either install it with the application or separately. As .Net Core provides the modular design, you can easily work on other projects seamlessly, while the deployment of one takes place.

In the end…

Many budding programmers and coders believe that .Net is mostly used to develop enterprise systems, but this still remains a debatable topic. As Microsoft is working effortlessly and providing various new up gradations in the platform, .Net programming still remains one of the most sought after programming and development platforms.

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