Benefits of Staff Augmentation - IBM AS400

What Are the Benefits of Staff Augmentation – IBM AS400 Development and Administration?

For years, your AS400 software programs have been the backbone of your company. You have a small, committed team to keep those applications running, but what happens if one of them quits? Maybe they are retiring. Or perhaps they have gotten a new job. In either case, you won’t have the staff to make the necessary changes and upgrades to your AS400 systems.

You deserve the necessary resources to manage your system, given the resources you’ve spent on quality RPG applications developed on the iconic AS400 family of servers. However, hiring a Experienced AS400 Developer on short notice can be difficult.

Although the idea of staff augmentation may make you flinch, have you considered the advantages of bringing in some temporary help rather than hiring someone full-time? You should think twice about it for the financial benefits alone.

Benefits of AS400 Staff Augmentation

Many of the aspects that add costs to your team can be avoided by contracting your AS/400 support. Apart from the financial benefits, there are a few more reasons to consider handing over some of your IBM iSeries workloads to a reputable team.

1. Increased Productivity

One of the most significant advantages of staff augmentation your AS400 management is increased productivity. You can boost your business productivity by speeding up your workflow and repairing all leaks.

You won’t have to worry about the technical features of the IBM i ecosystem once you’ve delegated management and maintenance of the AS400 system and infrastructure to professionals. You can focus on enhancing your business workflow and service quality while the AS400/iSeries professionals handle the backend.

The efficiency of the infrastructure will grow, and there will be greater odds of deriving profitable results from the IBM i administration, with professionals managing all activities such as programming, administration, backup, recovery, and support of the AS400/iSeries systems. There is a greater probability of higher production when professionals put their life and soul into what they love doing.

2. Cost-Effective

You may believe that having your AS/400 support in-house would be advantageous. However, you’re probably keeping a close eye on every dime that leaves the company right now. Is it really necessary to have in-house AS/400 technical assistance when you could save money by contracting IBM legacy system specialists?

3. Increased Scalability and Flexibility

You’ll be able to extend your IBM infrastructure and provide scalability to your process with end-to-end flexible IBM iSeries management from a certified IBM i service specialist hired on a short-term, as-needed basis.

Despite this, there will be no tradeoff in management efficiency, which will allow IBM iSeries systems to achieve their full potential. You’ll be able to communicate all of your issues to the hired IBM professionals via emails, chat, and phone conversations, allowing them to manage all of the work remotely.

4. AS/400 Issues Are Resolved by Experts

When you choose a competent AS/400 technical support provider, you’re hiring highly trained technicians with decades of expertise. They’ll be able to correct and resolve your difficulties swiftly and easily, reducing downtime to a bare minimum, thanks to their extensive experience. You’ll get access to a team of experts who are experts in AS/400 infrastructure, operating systems, and programs, so no matter what the problem is, someone will be able to diagnose and fix it.

5. Expert Advice Is Available for As400 System Upgrades

You’ll need to upgrade your present AS/400 or IBM i system to the next edition of IBM’s iSeries technologies at some time. Outsourced AS400 programmers can give you expert advice on the appropriate hardware and operating systems for your needs, and they can even set up everything for you.

6. Fully Available and Secure AS400 Systems

All of your AS400 administration activities will be handled and executed with agility and absolute security by a team of AS400 experts. The integrity of your ecosystem will not be jeopardized, and professional execution will be used to scale and improve IBM iSeries systems.

7. Improved ROI

You’ll have a better chance of getting a higher return on investment if specialists manage your IBM i system. You won’t have to waste money on employing individual talents if you contract this task to a team of experts.

You can put your time to better use by strengthening your core business and honing the abilities of your team in order to reach new business heights and goals. You’ll have the finest AS400 talent to manage all of IBM’s landscape activities, and you’ll be able to get more value out of contracting your IBM management work than you paid for it.

To retain strong control over your spending, you’ll have rigorous operational management and comprehensive transparency of the processes.

8. Preventive Maintenance

If you subcontract your AS400 administration to IBM AS400 experts, you can rest assured that no data will be lost in your IBM i setup. Ongoing measures will be taken to make sure that there are no breaches or gaps that could expose your sensitive data. The professionals double-check all security exits, ensuring that there are no vulnerabilities in the software or hardware parts of your IBM i system or environment.

9. Access to Experienced Resources

Staff augmentation will assist you in bringing on a team of specialists with years of IBM iSeries administration knowledge. You’ll free up space for new ideas and methods for achieving optimal business results.

You’ll be able to easily sustain, update, and implement all IBM hardware and software, as well as maximize the value of your current IBM ecosystem. Experience can also assist you in making well-informed decisions and ensuring smooth continuity of operations while meeting your objectives.

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