Overview of IBM Power10

An Overview of IBM Power10 2022 Updates

In September 2021, IBM introduced the world to the IBM Power10 family of microprocessors. The first Power10 processor-based server, the Enterprise E1080, took the world by storm with its unprecedented specifications. In fact, it offered more power than the majority of businesses would ever need.

Now, in 2022, IBM programmers have released some crucial updates to the Power10 family of products. These changes could bring the power of this processor within reach of your business. They could also raise some important questions about when and how your business should upgrade its infrastructure.

If you’re considering a move to the IBM Power10, there’s never been a better time to do it. Read on to learn more about recent updates to the Power10, and to get our best advice on how to implement an upgrade for your business.

What is the IBM Power10?

The IBM Power10 is the latest generation of IBM microprocessors. The Power line of microprocessors was designed for use in servers and supercomputers. It has always been a favourite choice for businesses, regardless of their field.

The first ever Power product hit the market in 1990, and the line of products has only grown since. In fact, after the POWER9 generation of processors was released in 2017, the US Department of Energy itself contracted IBM and Nvidia to build two supercomputers using POWER9 processors. Those two computers went online in 2017 and 2018, and remain in use today.

The Power10 represents the latest and best in microprocessor technology. Its E1080 server can contain up to 240 Power10 processor cores and up to 64 terabytes of memory, as well as more than 4,000 SCSI (SAS) disks or solid-state drives. It can work with a maximum of 32 PCIe Gen5 slots and 192 PCIe Gen3 slots, up to 1,000 VMs for each system, and up to 16 internal NVMe devices.

It supports IBM AIX, IBMi, and Linux environments, as well as a range of options for capacity on demand (CoD) processors and memory solutions. It’s compatible with all aspects of IBM’s Cloud technology, including the Cloud Management Console, the Private Cloud Solution, and the Virtual Server. And it comes in four 5U drawers, so you can scale up your server as needed.

IBM Power10 Updates in 2022

If you’re trying to decide whether to upgrade to IBM Power10, it’s important to understand how it could help your business. Here are the updates that IBM programmers have made to the Power10 in 2022.

Four New Systems

Before these updates, the Power10 could only be found in the high-end E1080 server. Now, IBM has expanded its portfolio with three scale-out models: the Power S1014, the Power S1022 and the Power S1024. It has also released the mid-range Power E1050.

These new systems represent a serious improvement on IBM’s previous products. They have twice the cores and memory bandwidth of POWER9 servers, bringing top-tier performance to the whole Power10 series.

For businesses that don’t need the E1080, this could change the game. Depending on your business’s needs and budget, there could now be a Power10 server to suit your company.

Security Improvements

Cybercrime is on the rise in 2022. Whatever your industry, you need to make sure that your business is prepared to deal with cybersecurity threats. Your customers’ data and your business’s reputation depend on your business being prepared.

The new Power10-based systems are designed with security in mind. All of IBM’s new Power10 platforms support enhanced isolation and transparent memory encryption. They also include security standards built to meet the latest advancements in the field of cryptography.

With the Power10, you can be confident that your data is safe from cyber-attacks. Even better: none of these security enhancements will slow your system performance. All your business-critical apps and software will run just as fast as you’d expect.

Automated Operations

More and more businesses are improving their productivity by automating key infrastructure tasks. This frees up time for staff to focus on their customer-facing projects. It also removes the possibility of human error, ensuring that your infrastructure will maintain itself without any lapses or delays.

All servers built using the Power10 processor support this level of automation. IBM has developed a range of new data types to improve the efficiency of automated work. Power10 servers also come with built-in automation and management software, so you can oversee and manage all your automated tasks.

Improved Efficiency

The IBM Power10 is built to be faster, more flexible and more efficient than its predecessors.

While the POWER9 processor was manufactured using a 14 nm process, the Power10 uses a 7 nm process instead. This guarantees substantially higher performance per watt of power. This means that the Power10 is not only more powerful than the POWER9 – it’s more energy-efficient.

Every aspect of the Power10 processor’s design is an improvement on previous processors, enabling you to work as efficiently as possible.

Why Upgrade to the IBM Power10?

Upgrading infrastructure can be a headache for your business. You may not have employees with the expertise needed to carry out an upgrade. You may be concerned about downtime and lost productivity while you overhaul your business’s IT infrastructure.

But in the long term, upgrading is the smart thing to do. It will enable your business to keep up with competitors, by keeping you at the cutting edge of new technology. And it will ensure that your business stays compatible with any new software it needs, well into the future.

Most of the challenges of upgrading your infrastructure have easy solutions. If your staff isn’t equipped to manage the upgrade, working with a staff augmentation service like Programmers.io can give you access to the skills you need. It cuts through the red tape of hiring and frees up your business to focus on doing what it does best.

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