7 Advantages of Vue JS

It’s important to choose the right technology when building a web application. The right framework can increase your app’s performance and decrease development time.

There are a number of popular JavaScript frameworks used in front end development. VueJS is a new, progressive framework that’s easy to integrate with existing projects.

Although it’s quite new, the VueJS framework is gaining in popularity. More and more developers are trying out VueJS and finding it easy to use.

Below are 7 reasons why you should consider using VueJS for your next project.

What Is VueJS?

VueJS is a JavaScript framework used for building front end applications. JavaScript is a programming language used in web development. JavaScript powers interactive web components and applications, from animated graphics to photo slideshows.

Most front end developers work with JavaScript frameworks when building websites and web apps. A Javascript framework is a collection of JS code libraries that provide developers with templates of pre-written JS code.

This speeds up the development process and enables a more structured and smoother process.

VueJS is a relatively new, progressive framework that is designed to be easy to use. VueJS extends HTML attributes called directives and provides functionality to HTML-based applications.

There are a number of JS frameworks used by front end developers. Two of the biggest ones are React and Angular. Facebook built ReactJS and Google made AngularJS. Recently VueJS has also cemented a spot at the top as one of the most popular frameworks to use.

It’s Lightweight

The VueJS framework is very small. Unlike some other massive frameworks, VueJS is only 18-21kb in size. That’s up to four times less than minified JQuery. Having such a lightweight frontend framework is one of the biggest advantages of VueJS.

With such a small size, VueJS can be downloaded in no time. It also has advantages for load time, which plays a big role in SEO. Having such a lightweight framework is not only beneficial for development but also for performance.

Easy to Learn

The whole idea of VueJS is to enable developers to achieve amazing results with as little effort as possible. Most software developers agree that VueJS does not require heavy learning. In fact, it is easy to pick up.

Developers only need to know the basics of JavaScript, CSS and HTML to start using Vue successfully. VueJS can also be used with all common code editors. Both small and large scale applications can be developed using VueJS and errors are easy to trace.

The team behind VueJS has also released some really handy browser extensions for their framework that increase usability. Chrome and Firefox both support these tools.

Extensive Documentation

Good documentation is really important when using a new framework. Detailed documentation makes the technology easy to use and bugs easy to fix.

The VueJS documentation is extensive. This means you only need to know a little bit of HTML, CSS, and JS to get started using VueJS. Furthermore, the documentation is regularly updated to reflect recent JS changes and best practices.

Easy Integration

In the world of software development, new technologies are constantly changing and trends stick around for only a matter of months. That’s why JS frameworks need to be flexible and scalable.

VueJS supports many third-party libraries and components, making it easier for developers to integrate VueJS with existing applications. This saves a tremendous amount of time for developers who are trying to keep up to date with new trends in the industry.

VueJS can be added on top of other JS frameworks. It’s as simple as including the VueJS CDN. VueJS is a great replacement for JQuery and can be used for building new applications or altering existing ones.

Great Community and Support

VueJS has a great community of developers behind it, working to improve the framework and add more features. The community of developers using VueJS is passionate about the framework and works hard to fix any issues that arise.

A responsive community is important when working with new technology because you want to make sure that new bugs and other problems are dealt with fast. If you have any questions about the framework, the responsive VueJS community is sure to answer them.

Unforeseen problems always arise during development. And when they do, it’s nice to know that there is a supportive community of other developers out there ready to help you out.

Suitable for Different Projects

VueJS is a scalable framework that can be used for small projects or large-scale applications. The VueJS ecosystem provides developers with various tools for building large-scale, single-page applications.

Two popular frameworks that inspired the creation of VueJS are ReactJS and AngularJS. VueJS combines the best of both of these frameworks to provide a balanced development process.

Used By Major Companies

Several major companies adopted VueJS for use in their software applications. There are a number of well-known corporations that have trusted VueJS to improve their software.

Facebook used VueJS to build part of its Newsfeed. Netflix also utilized VueJS when building two of its smaller, internal applications. Adobe Portfolio, a website builder designed for users to showcase their work, also used VueJS for their frontend. Adobe also found that VueJS was easy to integrate with their existing code base.

Other companies that use VueJS including:

  • Behance
  • Xiaomi
  • Grammarly
  • Codeship
  • Zoom

These are some of the many benefits of VueJS.

Consider Using VueJS for Your Next Project

Are you planning to build a new website or web application? Why not consider using the VueJS framework?

VueJS is a lightweight framework that’s easy to learn and very flexible. You only need to know a bit of HTML, CSS and JS to begin using VueJS to construct web apps. VueJS is also flexible and can be integrated easily into existing projects.

Our team has extensive experience building apps using VueJS. If you’re interested, then contact us today to start working with our expert team of developers.