Launches iA Solution for IBM i Applications

The team is pleased to introduce the iA Impact Analysis solution, a revolutionary approach to analyzing IBM i system modifications. Analyzing the impact of changes to a database can be complicated and time-consuming with its vast amounts of data tables and programs. iA Impact Analysis eliminates the challenges associated with manual analysis and provides a more efficient, effective solution. By leveraging our iA solution, IBM i developers, analysts, and architects can quickly and efficiently understand, maintain, and enhance existing applications.

Our iA solution is a web-based product that does not require additional software or hardware. Furthermore, it is equipped with features that make it a superior product. A unique trademark of iA Solutions is its “Where Object Is Used” feature that provides “binding directory” referencing. It also offers an “Object Context Matrix” that displays all object relationships, including called and calling programs, file usage, procedure details, and more, in one easy-to-read table.

With security and accessibility in mind, iA Solutions for IBM i applications provides flexible access control options to restrict end user access to specific options. This product has received glowing reviews from clients. In the words of one developer, “iA has saved us countless hours needlessly researching what can now be done in a simple search.” We can find everywhere a file is used in seconds…” Our product’s “Where Procedure is Used” feature is unavailable in our competitors’ products.’s IBM i iA Impact Analysis solution is cutting-edge technology that improves accuracy and automates workflows to help companies streamline their analysis. With iA Impact Analysis, you can gain valuable insight into your data and applications, enabling you to make informed decisions in a fraction of the time.