PIO-Express Plugin For WordPress

Activate PIO-Express Plugin on WordPress and add a desirable logo to your login page instead of WordPress logo. By adding your custom logo in your login page, you can make your website look more professional, impressing the guest bloggers and other users who visit these pages.

Also, you can now easily manage the size of your logo and show/hide the Admin bar for various roles.

To start using the PIO-Express WordPress plugin go back to your WordPress dashboard and click Install or
click here for PIO-Express plugin page and click Download.

PIO-Express Plugin

PIO-Express Plugin is easy to install just like other plugins on WordPress. The major utility of this plugin is that you can make your login page and other website pages look authentic as these pages will be displayed with your logo instead of the usual WordPress logo. The users and guest bloggers stopping by to go through your website will find your website trustworthy. Custom logo representation through PIO-Express improves the look and feel too.

Another advantage of PIO-Express is that it helps in managing the admin bar which displays everytime when WP admin page is opened. Using PIO-Express you can easily select whether to hide the Admin bar or to show it for various user roles of the website.

Follow These Simple Steps To Upload Logo And
Manage The Admin Bar

Uploading your logo

  • Click on PIO – Express from the WP Admin Menu and then select Manage Login Page.
  • Click the upload logo button and select your desired logo.
  • A single point of contact throughout the lifespan of your project.
  • Click on the save button. That’s it. The selected logo will be visible on WP-Login Page.

How to Resize logo?

  • It is simple and seamless. You just need to enter the desired height and width in the given fields to change the logo size.

What is the recommended logo size?

  • The recommended logo size is 320px X 80px.

How to Manage Admin Bar using PIO-Express?

  • Click on PIO – Express from the WP Admin Menu and select Manage Admin Bar.
  • Check All (Exclude Administrator) to hide the WP Admin Bar for all the roles except Administrator.
  • Check For Administrator also to hide the WP Admin Bar for the administrator also.
  • Then click on the save button.

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