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Boost Your Success with Microsoft Power BI Services

With over 200 engineers and extensive data analytics expertise, Programmers.io offers the full scope of Power BI services, including end-to-end solution development.

Power BI Reporting

Create interactive reports and dashboards using data from various sources, such as databases, cloud services, and Excel files, to leverage data more effectively, gain actionable insights, and make informed decisions.

Power BI Consulting

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Power BI, drive data-driven decision-making, and achieve greater business success with a deep-dive analysis to explore your ideas and create a practical roadmap.

Power BI Integration

Incorporating Power BI into other applications, platforms, or workflows can enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities while improving collaborative decision-making and productivity.

Power BI Migration

Move existing data, reports, dashboards, and other assets from one Power BI environment to another. This could include migrating from on-premises Power BI to a cloud-based service, upgrading to newer versions, or consolidating multiple Power BI instances into a single environment.

Power BI Customization

Tailor the dashboard to provide a more efficient tool customized to show your business preferences at a glance, such as visual design, data modeling, functionality, and integration with other systems.

Power BI Support

Develop documentation, online forums, direct support channels, or training programs to help users overcome challenges, improve their skills, and drive better business outcomes.