ReactJS vs VueJS vs AngularJS: Web Framework Comparison - Angular vs Vue.js vs React Developers

Vue.js is another JavaScript framework and many of you know about it already. You can read our previous blog to get a basic understanding about this technology in detail. To differentiate between frameworks is tough as each of them has its own special features depending on the applications, but to know the differences, makes it easy to Continue reading “ReactJS vs VueJS vs AngularJS: Web Framework Comparison”

Vue.JS- David Versus Goliath(s)? - Vue.JS David - Vs Goliath

Meet Vue.js

When Evan You graduated from design school with his MFA in Design and Technology, he was just beginning to play with JavaScript for fun. He ended up at Google working on projects with Angular. He loved the data-driven way of working with the DOM, but felt as many developers do, that Angular was too heavy, that the code forced its structure in too many ways. He wanted a framework that was sleek and lightweight. Continue reading “Vue.JS- David Versus Goliath(s)?”

C-Sharp Source generators are performance catalyst to .NET 5

Source generators to boost performance in .NET 5

In April 2020, Microsoft announced its first previews of .NET 5, aimed at unifying the .NET platform. .NET 5 offers so many promising features that Microsoft skipped version 4 to leapfrog right to .NET 5. With .NET 5, Microsoft joins the trend of other SDKs. .NET 5 offers a unified experience, a single BCL across all its applications and improved native and web apps for many devices and operating systems. Continue reading “C-Sharp Source generators are performance catalyst to .NET 5”

Why Magento is better than any other e-Commerce platform

Why Magento 2

The online shopping trend has boosted the growth of e-commerce stores and marketplaces. And the rise of these marketplaces has embarked on various technology platforms on which these web stores and applications are developed. Although, there are many such platforms and businesses are trying to switch from Magento 1 to completely different platforms because of the hassles involved in M2 migration. Continue reading “Why Magento is better than any other e-Commerce platform”