Part Ninja, Part Carpenter: The Qualities of Today’s RPG Programmers

Why RPG Programmers Seem Hard to Find

A few years back, some tech bloggers bemoaned the lack of experienced RPG programmers. They claimed that IBM i programmers were aging out with the system. In response, others said, “There’s no lack of iSeries RPG Developers.” IBM might be “old,” but it’s one of the most used and reliable systems in business. Continue reading “Part Ninja, Part Carpenter: The Qualities of Today’s RPG Programmers”

Covid 19 Exposes Need For COBOL Programmers

We Are Exposed (to a lack of COBOL Programmers)

The current pandemic has exposed a hole in the programming workforce, one that insiders reported on for almost ten years. The hole is the lack of COBOL programmers to support COBOL mainframes that power crucial commerce, government and financial systems. For the record, COBOL is a 50+ year old programming language invented to power IBM’s AS400 mainframes. Continue reading “Covid 19 Exposes Need For COBOL Programmers”

.Net Development Tools for Smart Development in 2020

.Net is indeed an important application development platform as it is secure, robust and quite easy to learn and implement. Developers are widely using the .Net framework to build web applications and even modernizing the legacy programming based applications into .Net based ones. .Net developers also use many 3rd party tools to carry out the development work. These tools have proven to provide the best support while the development goes on. Continue reading “.Net Development Tools for Smart Development in 2020”

Top 8 Things to Know about .Net Development Platform

.Net Framework has been one of the best evolutions by Microsoft for web applications, desktop apps and website development. .Net developers and people who have been in constant connect with this platform already know that it has its own library of languages, framework and further developments. Beginners and business owners should know that from a simple architecture, .Net framework has evolved to a complete ecosystem providing support and development techniques for all kinds of applications. Here are top 8 things you should know about .Net Development before you hire expert .Net developers for your project. Continue reading “Top 8 Things to Know about .Net Development Platform”