.Net Development Tools for Smart Development in 2020

.Net is indeed an important application development platform as it is secure, robust and quite easy to learn and implement. Developers are widely using the .Net framework to build web applications and even modernizing the legacy programming based applications into .Net based ones. .Net developers also use many 3rd party tools to carry out the development work. These tools have proven to provide the best support while the development goes on. Continue reading “.Net Development Tools for Smart Development in 2020”

Current State of IBM i Systems

The history of IBM i starts with the launch of the very famous AS400 systems in 1980. It is exceptional and quite interesting to know that IBM i operating system is still very popular and extensively used in many organizations across the globe. Unlike any other legacy technology that lost its importance overtime due to failure in some or the other aspect, IBM i has evolved with time and comes integrated with all the latest updates. Continue reading “Current State of IBM i Systems”

Top 8 Things to Know about .Net Development Platform

.Net Framework has been one of the best evolutions by Microsoft for web applications, desktop apps and website development. .Net developers and people who have been in constant connect with this platform already know that it has its own library of languages, framework and further developments. Beginners and business owners should know that from a simple architecture, .Net framework has evolved to a complete ecosystem providing support and development techniques for all kinds of applications. Here are top 8 things you should know about .Net Development before you hire expert .Net developers for your project. Continue reading “Top 8 Things to Know about .Net Development Platform”

Everything to know about IBMi “AS400 / i-Series”

IBMi “AS400/i-Series”

How many programmers/developers around you know or want to know about AS400? Maybe a very few or maybe none. AS400 is considered dead but the latest IBM Power systems with IBM i are still one of the robust and reliable system architectures used by many organizations. Although it is one of the legacy systems but its modified versions have excellent OS and documentation. This blog will take you on a quick journey of when, how and why of AS400, all the subsequent versions and operating systems.

Continue reading “Everything to know about IBMi “AS400 / i-Series””

.NET Framework Programming– Architecture, Usage and Advantage

.NET is a software framework that is designed and created by Microsoft. The principal variant of .Net framework was 1.0 which came in the year 2002. In simple words, it is a virtual machine for arranging and executing programs written in various languages like C#, VB.Net and so forth.

It is utilized to develop Form-based applications, Web-based applications, and Web administrations. There is a variety of programming languages accessible on the .Net stage, VB.Net and C# being the most widely recognized ones. It is utilized to build applications for Windows, mobile and web. It gives a ton of functionalities and furthermore underpins industry guidelines. Continue reading “.NET Framework Programming– Architecture, Usage and Advantage”